How To Get One Way Backlinks

How To Get One Way Backlinks 8 Comments

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Get One Way BacklinksWe all know how hard it can be for us webmasters to find and get powerful one-way backlinks.

Backlinks which considerably improve our website rankings on Google.

But don’t view it as a dream because it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. You really can boost those page 5 rankings up to position #1 just by using the tactics I’m about to give you here.

If you follow my simple yet powerful one-way back link-getting plan step by step, you can expect to see something amazing happen with your websites, blogs.

One of the coolest things, I would like to mention, is that the process is repeatable as many times as you wish. For all your websites and blogs you want to rank #1 on Google.

Where It All Comes Down To

Although SEO is a great thing to learn if you want to be good at the game of driving massive consistent traffic daily to your website, still, most people who start take the wrong first step right from the beginning.

If you take this step in 2012, then you’re most likely destined for failure.

But, if you avoid it at all costs, then you’re guaranteed for success. It’s as simple as that.

What I’m talking about here is two things:

  1. Spamming (a no-no)
  2.  Creating no value

These are the worst things you could do while doing SEO, or any traffic tactic for that matter.

The reason because spamming doesn’t work is that Google has become way too alert and will 99 times out of 100 catch you doing it.

The other big reason for failure – creating no value to other people.

Hey, it’s not 2002 anymore. The internet has changed …sorry! It has evolved from a “kid’s dream” to a  self-evident part of life.

What does it mean?

In my opinion, it means that we webmasters are having a really hard time right now!

We must constantly give massive value to other people if we want to compete with other webmasters. Everyone is getting smarter and smarter. You gotta be on the top of your game.

How does it apply to SEO?

Simple. You cannot expect to get great results if you spam or offer no value to others’ lives. Be it any SEO technique, including blog commenting and guest blogging.

You can expect to get average results with average SEO practices. Therefore, rise above the majority of the crowd. Think differently.

Blog Commenting

I can hardly think of anything as simple as this SEO tactic. But don’t be fooled because it is very, very powerful!

One of my niche blogs has gained all of it’s PR3 power and keyword rankings, and traffic it has now just because of this simple link-building tactic.

If someone asks me the question whether it works, the answer is always positive. You need to try it out to discover for yourself.

What Do I Need To Do?

It really is basic.

We’ve all tried our hand at blog commenting. You probably have done it countless times way before you joined the online marketing, making money online scene, right?

I certainly have done it countless times.

But it has to be done a little bit differently or you’ll end up with the ordinary results, which give you no traffic.

Here’s the process how to make blog comments and get #1 position on Google:

  1. Brainstorm different keywords related to your niche and other niches.
  2. Google the “top dogs” for all those general keywords you brainstormed like “weight loss tips”, “improve memory”, etc.
  3. Take those high pr blogs with lots of backlinks and spy on your competition with a marvelous tool called SEO Spyglass, Google it.
  4. Select only blogs to analyze  the backlinks with SEO Spyglass. Then you simply take that blog and comment on the high PR pages to get a backlink.
  5. Leave a contextual backlink, meaning that you write your thoughts about the article, but then sneak in a link to your own blog post or money site or whatever you want.
  6. It’s riskier to put in the keyword in the “name” field, but it can be done sometimes.
  7. Wait for comment approval and Google to index your backlink withing a few weeks.

That’s how you do it folks. Easy!

Guest Blogging

The other golden SEO tactic I see myself using quite a bit is guest blogging or also known as guest posting.

The difference it can make to your keyword rankings and website rankings is huge.

Again, the idea is incredibly simple. Although, I must confess that you cannot get away without putting in some effort.

But heck, show me any traffic strategy today which gives you massive traffic and doesn’t require even a tiny bit of effort!

I would say there isn’t such dreamy thing.

Fear not, there are tons of people doing it very successfully and you have great chances to join them any time you like.

Why guest blogging for SEO?

Well, as you may think now guest blogging is a waste of your time and efforts because you could better use up that content on your own blog.

Why bother with writing content for other people’s blog.


That’s the twist because for SEO purposes its a no-brainier to do it when you understand the basics.

I myself had a big “AHA!” moment when I first understood why it is so powerful.

You see, if you’re new to online marketing and blogging to make money online, then you probably have a brand new blog or website. And chances are that you even have written a dozen of great articles or blog posts.

But they don’t give you any traffic, right?

That’s because in Google’s eyes your blog isn’t as important as the “big guys” and therefore Google doesn’t rank you high for your keywords on the blog.

The easiest solution would be to leverage other, much bigger blogs which get loads of traffic and have an incomparably higher audience – their readers and blog subscribers.

But we are not going to look at guest blogging as a direct targeted traffic strategy for now.

The way how you make use of guest blogging for SEO purposes is this…

  1. You write a high value guest post for them and send them an email asking for a chance to get published on their blog.
  2. I always add the title of the guest post for them, so that they can get a grasp of what the content will be about.
  3. Now, of course, you need to be polite and even friendly because they’re the boss and you want to leverage them.
  4. But, if they reply to you with an email saying that they would be glad to receive a guest post from you (which they usually are), then you can send them your article.
  5. Also include an image, they’re important. And the webmaster will be glad that you’ve made the job easier for them because they won’t have to find the image themselves.
  6. But, before you send them your article, there’s one thing which is the whole essence of doing guest blogging for SEO purposes – the BIO box.
  7. Yes, the bio box or the author’s box is that little thing usually at the end of the article. It’s absolutely essential that you don’t forget about these 2-3 sentences.
  8. What you put in the bio box is a link (or 2 links) leading back to your own blog or website.

See how powerful this is? You are “borrowing” the power, authority and SEO rankings of the big website or blog and boosting your own blog SE rankings.

Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful.

So that’s basically it, how you can get a quality backlink with a guest post.

Remember, as I said in the beginning – you can repeat the process of blog commenting as well as guest posting as many times as you wish. The more you do it, the better your Google rankings will be.

And don’t be fooled, they are really that powerful. They can be used for 95% of the niches out there to get to #1 on Google for multiple keywords.

I certainly have had some amazing success with these SEO tactics and encourage you to gain the same success by simply following the outlined process.

Image Credit: David Castillo Dominici

About the author: Exclusive "Make Money Online" report free for a limited time only. Ray Wilson has decided to give away all of his best proven traffic strategies. Go check it out and claim your free copy today, click here.


  1. SEO still works even in these days of social media everywhere. And when it is done correctly and politely, it works ever so much better. Guest posting is a fabulous way to get more readers to your own site after you establish yourself as an authority on another site. It is almost as if by being on published on 2 sites that you get 3 units of credibility. Kind of an extra little boost that goes a long way toward making your blog even more popular.

    And its fun too. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people online who want to value your ideas and their expressions. Great post, thank you Ray

  2. Yeah, Michael, SEO works like a charm today.

    I would say that it has become even more powerful like you said. Google has so much traffic that it’s enough for everyone, and the newbie can get started fairly quickly.

    Just remember to write quality content, as that’s what matters most for SEO. Of course, I like keyword optimization too.


  3. Good to read this post. For a newbie It’s really difficult to find back links which improves your website ranking on Google. Very useful guide about link building. At the end Quality content is most important.
    Very helpful information for me. Thanks Ray for this wonderful post and guide.

  4. Unless I missed something, that blog commenting tactic won’t be effective because your links will be nofollow.

  5. This is the kind of article I like to share with others as it is a make sense, easy to understand formula that really isn’t a big secret. What was true 10 years ago isn’t today and quality is what rules right now. That is because Google finally got it. That we are people that want good, quality information rather than all the spamming of yesterday. I know there are those that still play the old school way of marketing, but when it comes to getting noticed, gaining visibility especially for your business – it does require hard word and providing your audience with good content that makes sense.

    Appreciate your efforts here Ray!

  6. Great post Ray. Can you elaborate more on how you use SEO Spyglass. I have that tool and don’t quite understand how you are explaining it.

    Marisa – not all blogs have no follow tags on their comments. Some do, but I believe its still a valid practice for SEO purposes. Just as a post should be valuable content, so should your comment.

  7. Excellent post, Ray.

    I’m always trying to find better, more effective ways to get my sites ranked. Great tips on blog commenting as well! Is there any way to tell whether or not a site is a do-follow or no-follow?

  8. Guest blogging can seem a little bit intimidating while blog commenting is one of the easier ways. Great way to get known and traffic. Implementing the tips you said in conjunction will truly help seo efforts. I will try ones I need to work on some more.

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