Top 10 SEO Practices

Top 10 SEO Practices 11 Comments
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Top Seo Search engine optimization or SEO is now an unavoidable task for website owners. You need to get your website optimized for popular search engines if you want to generate maximum opportunities from your website. You can get a great website with all the features but what is the use if it is not visible to your potential clients. Optimizing your website for search engines is as important as having a great website. Some of the best SEO practices are mentioned below.

Top 10 SEO practices to increase your website’s ranking:

1)Keyword Research: Keyword research is one on the most critical aspect of search engine optimization. Identifying the most relevant keywords for your website is very essential. It has been observed that keywords of two or three words which are specific to your business are better than single keywords. They help you in targeting the customers who are looking specifically for your services.

2)Metatags: Metatags help search engines in ranking your websites for specified keywords. Moreover, a metatag is what your customers will see in the search results therefore it is better to include a metatag that is more like a sentence. It should describe the service provided by you so that customers can easily determine whether your site is relevant for them or not.

3)Content Optimization: The most important thing for Search engine optimization is the content of your website. Having a proper content that is relevant to your services is very important. The content should be informative and descriptive so that visitors could be engaged. Moreover, relevant keywords must be used in the content so that your content is optimized for these keywords.

4)Image Optimization: Image optimization includes adding title and alt tag to the images on the website. This will optimize the images in your website for described keywords. Try to include related keywords for images used on your website.

5)Use of h1, h2 and h3 tags: The heading tags help your visitors, browsers and search engines to determine where the most relevant points are mentioned in your website. The h1 tag shows what your page is about. It should be used in the title of the page. The h2 and h3 tags further breakdown the content on the page in different parts. This will help in optimizing your page for various keywords. It would be easy for search engines to determine the topics covered on your page and thus better optimize it for your selected keywords.

6)Keyword Density: The keyword density must be optimal 3%-5%. Your WebPages must not be stuffed with keywords as most of the search engines disregard such practices and may eventually stop showing your website in their search results. Therefore, a keyword density of 3% to 5% is considered best for web content.

7)Domain and URL: Your domain name and your website URL must be relevant to your business. A self describing URL is considered best for gaining better rankings on Search engines. This will not only help the search engine rankings but will also make the WebPages user friendly. Users will know what the page is about by just looking at the URL of the Page.

8)Creating Inbound Links: Creating inbound links is a very essential part of any SEO campaign. These inbound links play a very important role in deciding the ranking of your website in major search engines. However, a few links from high page rank websites are much better than having many links from low or no page rank websites.

9)Article Syndication: Writing articles and getting them published is one of the best ways of getting links for your website. The articles must be informative and must be related to your business. An article with poor narration or grammar is bound to get unpublished. This will waste your time and may also bar you from posting your articles anymore.

10)Social Media Optimization: Social Media optimization or SMO is the process of promoting your website on popular social networks. Social media is the most frequently and heavily visited platform on internet. This makes it the best place for promoting your website and increasing your rankings over major search engines.

Website owners must make sure that they are getting best services from their SEO partners. A better way of optimizing your website is by developing it from a web development service provider who also provides SEO services. If they know that they have to provide Search Engine rankings for the website after developing it then they will develop it in the most search engine friendly manner.


Written by Chris Miller

 Chris Miller is a web developers @ leading Web development company which provides web application development, software development, IT outsourcing services & BPO.

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