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SEO Strategies- Keeping Up with the Panda!

November 22, 2011 · 15 comments

in SEO

Keeping Up with the PandaMost Internet marketing experts would agree that Google Panda has forced them to reintroduce certain changes in their sites. Released in February 2011, Google Panda has affected nearly 12% of Google search results. Since February, there have been five repetitions of the update. Many believe that Google will continue to modify the algorithm and release updates periodically.

According to Google, “You should evaluate all the content on your site and do your best to improve the overall quality of the pages on your domain. Removing low quality pages or moving them to a different domain could help your rankings for the higher quality content.

To improve rankings of your website and avoid penalty, it is important that you make certain changes in your site. We offer you few suggestions that will help you to make these alterations.

1. Critically evaluate your site content

Identify poor content by utilizing analytics software, which highlights information related to page views, exit, and bounce rates. Of course, these are not the only criteria that you should consider. Still, these metrics will enable you to find out poor and under-performing content.

2. Pay attention to the text quality

The primary purpose of Google Panda is to improve quality of content available in various sites. If your content contains spelling and grammatical errors, styling mistakes, repetitive words, chances are high that Google Panda will penalize your site.

3. Duplicate content

With the release of Google Panda updates, website owners can no longer get away by publishing duplicate content in their site. If your site contains copied content, remove them as quickly as possible. To remove the duplicate content, you can opt for useful tools that can include ScreamingFrog and Google Webmaster Tools.

4. Thin content

Thin content refers to an article that offers limited information. If you do not offer your users well researched and perfectly edited articles, you will not get high rankings in the search engine. In case, your content contains only 200 words, try to put in more information. Ideally, length of your articles should be at least 300 words.

If it is not possible to expand the content, you can remove the web page altogether. Alternatively, redirect it to a similar page.

5. Syndicated content

Various websites incorporate syndicated content in their sites and this further contributes to the duplication issue. Syndicated content means that your content is unoriginal; various other sites are also offering the same content as yours. This in turn, could have a negative impact on your rankings.
The best way to handle this situation is to rewrite the content. Include unique and useful information in the articles. To simplify the process, you can outsource the web content writing part.

6. Page and design layout

Of course, there is no concrete proof that introducing changes in your page and design layout will help to acquire high rankings. Still, to remain on the safe side, opt for current designs.

While introducing design changes, pay attention to page layout. Include more text above the fold, and limit number of adverts in your text.

7. Link building

Link building is an important aspect of SEO. This is especially true for affiliate sites, which do not receive natural links usually. The right way to build links for an affiliate site is to pay more attention to deep page link building.

Incorporate social media buttons in your site so that it is easier for people to share the articles on social media platforms. This strategy will create awareness about your site. Implementation of this technique will also help you to enhance your link profile.

Implement these strategies to achieve higher rankings for your site. For better results, get in touch with a reputed SEO company.


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Fatima Hipolito November 23, 2011 at 10:59 am

Hi Maitreyee Sinha, this article was really great and nice info, and I appreciate this one..
Fatima Hipolito recently posted..SMSMy Profile


Calin November 26, 2011 at 9:16 am

Good tips! Following this Panda update, many people have seen their blogs dropping (including a few of mine) so doing everything to “beat” these new algorithms is really important, so thanks for sharing these tips!
Calin recently posted..This Is Why Your Niche or Micro Niche Site FailsMy Profile


Khalid Irfan December 27, 2011 at 7:10 am

great post, you have almost covered all the elements very clearly. thanks for sharing
Khalid Irfan recently posted..Facebook Timeline Available for All Now!My Profile


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