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7 Key Strategies to Unlock Massive Unstoppable Traffic to Your Website

February 12, 2012 · 11 comments

in Internet Marketing

Traffic Generation StrategiesIs it possible to drive massive traffic to your website within a short amount of time?

Yes, it is possible if you know the key strategies to do it.

If you want constant and high amount of traffic coming to your website regularly, here are 7 key strategies to unlock massive unstoppable traffic to your website:

1. Super article marketing

Make sure that you already have established website or blog before doing this method. You should have at least 10 pages of content in your website.

Then, what you do is to write 10 articles and submit those articles to 10 different article directories. In each of your article, place a link to each of your page.

Then, bookmark each of your webpage in social bookmarking websites and bookmark each of your articles that you submit to article directories as well.

Every time you publish new content to your website, write an article and place a link to that new content. Don’t forget to bookmark each of them as well.

2. Super video marketing

Create series of videos and submit your videos to various video-sharing websites. In your video description, insert two links.

The first link will go to the next part of your video and the second link will go to your website. Be sure to optimize your video for the search engines.

You will see the magic once people begin to watch your video series. Traffic will be flooding to your website each and every day.

3. Super Squidoo and HubPages marketing

This method is fairly simple, and it is still related with article marketing. But, since this is not about submitting your articles to article directories, I will share this method separately.

What you need to do is to create 10 Squidoo lens and 1 main Squidoo lens. Then, create the same amount of hubs.

Link your Squidoo lens to each other and give one way link to your main Squidoo lens. Do the same thing for your hubs.

Then, link your main Squidoo lens to your main hub in HubPages. Finally, place a link to your website in your main Squidoo lens and your main hub.

4. Generating buzz in your website

Create a contest or something similar in your website. Ask your readers to spread the word about your website in order to participate in the contest.

The reward must be interesting enough to motivate your readers.

Advertise this contest in various social media platforms. Once the traffic starts rolling in, you can either keep holding similar contest or stop it altogether.

5. Full-power guest posting

Full-power guest posting is not just a guest posting for one good blog only. Most people who do guest post only have one blog to post their guest post.

This will give you only small amount of traffic to your website. If you want more powerful guest posting method, you have to do full-power guest posting.

Find 60 blogs that accept guest post. Make sure that those blogs are reputable blogs with fair amount of monthly traffic.

Then, you simply write one or two guest posts to those blogs every day. Make sure to use different blog to post each day.

6. Offline marketing campaign

Place advertisements for your website in various offline events. You can also place your advertisements in classified ads in local and national newspaper.

If you have niche-specific website, you can place your advertisement in niche-specific magazines.

Offline marketing campaign works best if you have long-standing and reputable website. Before doing offline marketing, it is recommended for you to drive more traffic from online promotion first.

7. Perfect SEO

Make sure to write at least 1000 words article whenever you post a new article in your website. Within the article, be sure to target one main keyword and several other similar keywords related to the main keyword.

Interlink your post and place some external links to your posts as well. Within few months, you will start seeing targeted traffic coming from the search engine because you have super-optimized content in your website.

Those are 7 key strategies that you can use to drive massive traffic to your website. If you need constant surge of traffic coming to your website, you can follow those strategies.

However, keep in mind that each of those strategies will require you to do some hard work before you start seeing some results.

Written by Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard is a freelance writer that likes to write on everything related to android and technology in general. He is also a contributor to where you can get some useful tips when it comes to saving money on your purchases.

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