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How To Make Money With WordPress

February 2, 2012 · 10 comments

in Blogging, Business, Internet Marketing

How to Make Money with WordPressBlogs are becoming an increasingly relevant part of the media landscape, and an important source of income for many otherwise traditional businesses. When it comes to blogging, few platforms are more popular than WordPress, a free resource you can use to distribute your content. This chain of events has made WordPress an important source of profit in many different ways. Here are a few ways to capitalize on the software.

Start a Blog

This is the most obvious way to earn money using WordPress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s obvious how to go about accomplishing this. Making money blogging requires a source of traffic, and a way to monetize that traffic. While all the steps necessary to accomplish this won’t fit into a single article, here are a few basic principles you should adhere to:

Develop a social network
The network should consist not only of audience members, but other bloggers who have some influence in the community. You should stay active in this network and treat these people like your friends. This results in a loyal audience and powerful allies.

Learn how to perform serious, quantitative research. Research your market, research your competition, and above all else, research your subject matter. Become an expert in all aspects of your business and show your readers that you get it.

Make your site easy to find by including popular keywords in your titles and encouraging your allies to link to your site. Interlink your internal pages in a way that spells out which pages are most important and what each page is about.

Produce staggering content
Every page on your site should offer something that people want and that they can’t easily find elsewhere. Be entertaining, informative, and unique.

Stick to these basic principles and blogging should come easily to you. Remember to be a part of the web, rather than just a source of content. Many of these principles apply to any form of online business you intend to start, including the following alternatives to blogging.

WordPress Customization

Bloggers and businesses who want to stand out from the competition want a site that looks different and fits their business model better than a template. If you learn to develop customized themes for your clients, you can provide them with an advantage that they would be unable to achieve on their own.

Design is an incredibly important part of a business’s online presence. You can use it to send a clear message to their customers and improve the user experience. First impressions can be all it takes to keep a visitor from leaving right off the bat, and this is an important selling point that you can capitalize on.

Selling Themes as Products

Rather than customizing themes for clients, you can also sell premium themes as products. This is a great way to capitalize on the growing relevance of WordPress and the desire for sites to stand out.

Why would anybody pay for a WordPress theme when there are many of them available for free? Premium themes give you a professional edge that most free themes don’t offer. While anybody with some programming knowledge can potentially design their own theme, most people simply don’t have this knowledge.

It’s possible to design WordPress themes that can be easily customized by anybody with some knowledge of computers, and this is a product that is worth paying for.

You don’t necessarily need to set up your own eCommerce site to sell your themes either. There are WordPress marketplaces to sell your themes.

Alternatively, giving away great themes for free to the WordPress community can be a great way to grab attention and promote your brand’s visibility.

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