5 WordPress Shortcuts That Will Make Posting Easier and More Fun

5 WordPress Shortcuts That Will Make Posting Easier and More Fun 5 Comments

wordpress keyboard shortcutsWordPress is an amazing blogging platform, and most bloggers love it. While WordPress has done everything it can to make its system intuitive and fast, there are many users that are unaware of the keyboard shortcuts available to them.

These shortcuts make it much easier to create a post, and they can be used to simplify the workload of making a complex post. There are many different shortcuts, but this article will only list the top five that save you the most time.


Alt+Shift+C is the keyboard shortcut used to insert coding. You can easily click the “HTML” tab near the top of the posting area to do the same thing, and this shortcut won’t save much time if you just need to insert a little bit of coding. It will save a lot of time if you need to go back and forth between the visual and HTML editor. This also helps if you are trying to see what the HTML does to your post in the visual editor by speeding up the process of switching between the two.


Alt+Shift+Q is the keyboard shortcut used to create a blockquote. Many users have not used this, but this shortcut is very useful for business websites, quoting people who have made comments on your website, entering code for users to see and to emphasize a quote by giving it a separate box. Finding the blockquote button can be a little tough if you aren’t fluent with the WordPress buttons, but this keyboard shortcut makes it much easier to use.

Using the blockquote is easy. Use the shortcut to initiate the block. Type whatever you want into the block, and then close it up to finish the blockquote. The blockquote seems a little useless at first, but you will soon question how you ever blogged without it.

List Items

There are two shortcuts for list items, but since they are so similar it just makes sense to group them as one shortcut. WordPress allows you to make numbered and bulleted lists, and these are great when you are emphasizing ideas or points in your post, or if you just want to make a list for people to see.

Alt+Shift+U is used to make a bulleted entry. Use this for each bullet to make a list in just a few seconds. The numbered list is Alt+Shift+O. This is used in the same way as the bulleted list, but it creates a number instead of a bullet. The numbers will go in order without any further interaction.


Headers are used to organize a post, and they create subsections that are easy for skimmers to read. Creating a header can be a bit of a pain in WordPress. You need to go through a drop-down box, and it’s hard to know what size header you need if you are not familiar with the header sizes.

The header keyboard shortcut will make it much easier to see different header sizes, and you won’t have to go through the drop-down box. The header shortcut is CTRL+#. The “#” symbol should be replaced with the header’s number. For example, the first and biggest header would be CTRL+1. There are six headers, and CTRL+7 is used for paragraph text.

Insert Image

It’s easy to insert images with WordPress, but you can do it even faster with a shortcut. Press Alt+Shift+M to open the image URL box. Type the URL into the box to insert the image into your post.

This shortcut probably won’t save you as much time as the others, but it’s handy if you are inserting a lot of images into one post.


WordPress has many different shortcuts, but these are the five that you will probably use most often. They can help you format a post, and you can easily see what your coding is doing to the post. Try using these shortcuts next time you post, and you will see how much easier blogging can be.


Written by Rosa McCarthy

Rosa McCarthy uses a ProfitBricks cloud network storage to help her international blog!



  1. Some additional shortcuts have been intorduced within the latest version of WordPress which makes adding YouTube videos and tweets inside posts a cinch..

  2. Hi Rosa, Thanks for sharing these Shortcuts. More are more shortcuts are being added making it quite fun to format blog post. I don’t think there is any blogging cms as flexible as wordpress

  3. Well I wasn’t aware of the Header shortcode. Guess what, you insipred me to look for more such shortcuts to make blogging bit faster

  4. I just learned about Alt+Shift+M. I add images to all my articles and that can help me do my job faster. Thanks!

  5. Some new short cuts to learn. Short cut to insert image is most useful. These short cuts will save time. Thanks for sharing.

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