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OpportunitiesPlane.com is a multi-author website so we rely to our contributors. We are looking for contributors both regular and one-off in a variety of topics like Online Business, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Tips, Online Marketing, Freelancing, Online Opportunities.

What’s in it for You?

  • Solid SEO benefits (OpportunitiesPlanet.com has currently PageRank2 , MozRank 5,2)
  • You will get a link and traffic to your site
  • You can add your Twitter (like @Opportplanet NOT the URL), Facebook (Full profile URL) and Google+ (Full profile URL)
  • You will get an author page with all your published articles at OpportunitiesPlanet.com
  • Your article will be promoted via several of our social media accounts and via the My Blog Guest community

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your article should be unique and written exclusively for OpportunitiesPlanet.com, this means that it should not been published anywhere else in the web before it’s published here (you can publish it on your blog 1 week after  it’s been live to OpportunitiesPlanet.com but you must add a link to the original post)
  2. You should use subheadings in order to make it easier for visitors to read it.
  3. Your Links should link to related sites and should not be related to anything illegal or be affiliate links
  4. Your article should bring added value to the site, this means that you should sumbit an article that you would be proud to use it as a promotion of your writing skills and expertise.
  5. We might edit or make changes to your post
  6. You should provide a royalty free image with a link to the source if it’s needed to give credit (You can find free royaltie free images on freedigitalphotos.net , www.sxc.hu , dreamstime.com and flickr.com )
  7. Article length should be atleast 600+ words
  8. Replying to comments and reader’s questions is a must
  9. You should add a Meta description and 3-4 relevant to your post tags
  10. OpportunitiesPlanet.com has full rights to remove your credits and links from the article with no further notice as a result of any violation to our terms.
  11. Your article might get synticated on other popular blogs or sites

How to submit an article

  • Contact us suggesting a couple or more content ideas
  • Once you are done, contact us and we will inform you if we will publish your post
  • If for any reason you don’t receive a response in the case of rejection. Please feel free to use your article elsewhere after two weeks.

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