Blogs: Show me the Money

Blogs: Show me the Money 5 Comments

Blogs are a great way of connecting with people. This is because blogs are personal in nature which makes it easy for people to identify with them. Connecting with people creates trust which makes selling goods and products easier. This is perhaps why so many have begun using blogs as a wonderful opportunity to make a second line of income.

Blog monetization

Product Reviews

The best way to get people genuinely excited about a product is to write a positive review about it. Just stick to those which you have tried in the past or had the chance to try first. Honesty is the name of the game and you don’t want losing your reputation over a product just to make an easy buck.

Cite your personal experience to help your readers relate to the product better. Trust is a powerful commodity and banking on that trust you’ve built with your readers makes it easier to make a sell. If you’re trying to market your services you could also try to write some of your previous job experiences. Blogs could also be a better alternative


Affiliate Marketing

The only way you could get some traffic on your affiliate products is to write a product review about them. Stick to products which are related to your niche. It makes it easier to write about them and makes it a more natural product to sell.


Email Marketing

Building an email list gives you a solid customer base for promoting goods or services. Sending out individual emails could be very difficult and could be tasking. There are a lot of good email marketing applications which makes it easier. This is why building an email list is essential if you’re trying to monetize your blog.



One great thing about advertising on a blog is that it’s definitely cheaper compared to other advertising media. The price you could charge from advertisers is directly related to the traffic your site generates. This would be a good incentive in driving you to continue with your SEO campaign. If you’re having problems getting advertisers then offering a discount would be a good idea.


Product Pages

Creating product pages is a good way of separating content from marketing. A few posts here and there promoting the product is recommended but dedicating a whole category where readers could read product reviews is a better idea. You could also create links within your posts to product reviews rather than creating product reviews regularly on your main page.


Quality Content and Marketing

Selling a product after writing a compelling review is the best one-two punch in monetizing your blog. Great readership allows advertisers to target their target market which is good for their conversion rates. Blogs are a great way of selling products. You don’t have to build up your readership just to get people clicking on those affiliate products. A blog with a few hundred loyal readers stand a better chance of being successful compared to website with thousands of random clicks. Quality is not limited to content, but quality traffic is essential to your blog’s marketing success.


Written by Michael Scottsdale

Michael Scottsdale is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When he’s not writing for Selling Gold for Cash, he could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.


  1. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article. You have covered all types of blog income here. I think bloggers should start with Google AdSense as this is easy and even a newbie blogger could see his earnings to keep him motivated. After the blog start growing, he must look at other forms of earnings as you explained here.

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