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How to Effectively Improve Your Google Ranking

How to Effectively Improve Your Google Ranking June 6, 201110 Comments

If you have ever wondered on how to get your website to the first page of Google, look no further! I will answer those questions for you! If you have been around the internet long enough you know that high quality authority sites like Wikipedia, WikiHow, Amazon, Yahoo Answers and other sites always seem to pop on the first page of Google for whatever you search for.

That is because they have the most backlinks to their page from many other authority sites or mini sites that help them rank really high. A backlink is a link form another website pointing back to your website with a keyword or keyword phrase you want to get ranked for. It’s simple but you also need to know how to get links.

Some of these really big sites have over 1.000.000 backlinks and it will be almost impossible for a newbie that is just starting out to get 1.000.000 backlinks. Good thing is that you don’t have to. After all Google penalizes sites that just opened and already have over 10.000 backlinks at their first month. Sometimes it’s less than 10.000, usually it is over 250 at their first month. If you can build your backlinks naturally (which I will teach you two methods you can do that in a minute) then Google will see that it is coming naturally and they will give your site a little more leeway.

One way to build your backlinks is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories like Ezinearticles or GoArticles. In the author box you want to include a little bio and tell the reader to go to your website to learn more about the topic you are writing about. Write an article for your website and one for article directories and you will see some traffic coming from there. An article is a good source of traffic for people that click on your link from the article or for Google to find you page.

Recently after the Google panda update, Google tends to like websites that have YouTube videos because it shows that the website owner went out of his/her way to make a video for their content and Google likes that. It shows effort. So if you have a website try to make a video, it can be a tutorial video or you talk about your website, but it does show effort put into your website and the search engines tend to like that.

Those are two really powerful ways to generate backlinks to your site and there are many more available but I suggest starting out with those two. All you need is 50 backlinks to your site the first month that it is open and increase by 10-20 each month. When you hit the 6th month you should have at least 500 backlinks already pointing back to your site and should start getting ranked for some search terms.

You don’t want to do too many because Google will sandbox your website which means that they will de-rank your site because you are building backlinks to fast. So go and get started on building backlinks for your website!


Authored by Thomas Alling

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