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3 Completely Forgotten Traffic Secrets Revealed

March 8, 2012 · 10 comments

in Internet Marketing

Forgotten Traffic SecretsYou don’t need a lecture on why everyone must have targeted traffic driven to their websites to make money online.By now, you probably have figured this out and have been thinking about how you can get that precious targeted traffic to your blog or landing page, or whatever. Right?

Even though you have revealed some cool traffic strategies to drive hundreds of visitors to your websites, you still feel hungry to find a couple more traffic sources. Am I right?

Well, if you’re in this position, then you can be assured you’re doing nothing wrong! See, if you want to be good in this internet marketing game, then you MUST constantly learn new methods about how to drive traffic to your website.

The web is changing fast and we need to adjust to those changes with the same speed. Everyone knows that their business depends on how much traffic they can crank out from every possible source that can be leveraged.

What I’m Giving You

Today you’re going to learn some cool traffic strategies which can be implemented like now! Don’t be afraid. These are not complicated but there’s a slight learning curve to them.

Also, I really hate when someone tries to pitch everyone on some techie stuff traffic sources. The techie stuff tactics are really boring. I mean, c’mon, we are bombarded every day with different software and plugins and tools which we can use to develop our websites, right?

I’m kinda ill of all that technical stuff because it can take up your time very easily. It would be much better if someone actually showed you the basics and the true working traffic strategies.

I call these the traffic fundamentals because you gotta understand these if you want to be good at getting massive traffic. OK, let’s look at what we’ve got here…

Membership Sites

membership sites

Very often you can see that people ask this question: “Hey guys, where do you distribute your content online”?

Hmm, good question…

Yeah, after that question you get to see listed a bunch of familiar sites like EzineArticles and GoArticles, etc. Maybe someone throws in something more unique like ebook directories and document sharing sites. But why not look at this question from a different standpoint?

We all have problems with content creation, right? But have you ever thought that others have this problem too? And they are facing it every single day.

One really overlooked way how to get yourself or for your content exposure is to utilize what are called “membership sites”.

People who run membership sites are always thirsty for fresh content that benefits their readers. It’s the most difficult and time-consuming job for businesses which run membership sites. Be it daily, weekly or monthly content creation. They’re always thinking about this.

Your opportunity is to contact those webmasters who run membership sites and offer them your content. For free! That way you have a much greater probability of getting accepted. Membership site owners are always happy to get free content because there’s no work involved for them.

The big benefit that you get is your content exposure to a new audience – targeted traffic. It’s amazing how many targeted visitors are hiding in a membership site. Your job is to find them there and ask to join your website and discover your own stuff.

Bottom line, you can sell your stuff to them later on. Isn’t this amazing?

I really encourage you to check membership sites out. Depending on your niche, there’s dozens of good high-traffic membership sites to leverage in many niches.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Maybe you’ve heard about this a few times already but joint ventures simply work. Why do people think online business is any different from offline business? I really don’t get it.

The same thing of building relationships and creating joint ventures applies. No big company has been ever created without leveraging at least to some extent the power of other companies and businesses.

That’s how Microsoft did it, and how the 10-years-in-business internet marketing “gurus” did it and that’s how I and you’ll do it.

Now, the biggest fear for many is that it’s something almost “unethical” or sneaky, or an unfair advantage if you like. But no, it certainly isn’t. A good joint venture is all about joining together to create bigger value to other people. Which couldn’t be possible single-handedly.

Both sides benefit from a joint venture. The “how to” look at it online is to find people which are extremely passionate about their niche, about what they do online.

The most passionate people ARE those who are successful. I really believe that you cannot become successful if you don’t like people and you don’t create value to others.

So, your job is to look for those website or blog owners, the people who are leading a tribe and contact them.

Now, obviously, you need to have something for them or else they won’t accept your request. Usually, you can give them something as simple as your own written ebook or report. Of course, you should give it to them for free. Again, everyone likes free content if it’s actually good.

In return you get free traffic to your own blog or wherever you need the traffic to go.

Now, you could even offer them your service, for free. This is another strategy to try out.

Other ways how to leverage their blog traffic is to get links, or utilize their thank you pages, or download section, create up-sells etc.

There are endless opportunities how to leverage other people’s web property.

Ebook Syndication

Ebook Syndication

Have you ever had the thought that you are giving your content away inefficiently? Well, yeah, we all have this thought frequently.

The best way how to look at it is to think about your content as a new digital camera model. You certainly wouldn’t want to sell your new digital camera model in only one hardware store, right? You wouldn’t sell too much of those cameras.

Therefore, brands like Samsung, Panasonic or whatever distribute their new digital cameras all over the world. The same applies to the internet. You should always aim for as many places as you can possibly get to distribute your content.

Now, online it’s a bit different because you have the monster Google. And it doesn’t like duplicate content. The simple way around this problem is to implement sites like ebook directories and document sharing sites.

You can take any of your written articles, blog posts or emails and turn them into a PDF. Create an ebook or free report. And then syndicate them all around the web.

You can easily increase traffic with this strategy and add at least some hundreds of new visitors to your website if you convert your articles to PDF’s on a regular basis.

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{ 9 comments… read them below or add one }

Donna Merrill March 9, 2012 at 5:14 am

Thanks so much for these wonderful tips. I have joined “members only” sites lately and made many connections. I am seeing that it is working well. Also I had a request to write an article in one of the groups. Whoopie instant success there. I also like JV’s but haven’t tried it yet. As for everything else you have mentioned, it sounds great! All I have to do is get around to it lol!
Donna Merrill recently posted..LinkedIn – My Secret WeaponMy Profile


Carla McNeil, Social Media Manager March 9, 2012 at 7:43 am

Great tips, I have lots of articles so I think I will start there. But I love the idea of the membership sites too. Your tips are going to keep me busy!


Ray Wilson March 10, 2012 at 1:54 am

Glad you like the tips.
The important thing is that you should use traffic strategies like these when they are working, before they become old. The internet changes too fast. Trends change unbelievably fast.
There’s really not much time to think about it. Either do it now or you’ll miss out the opportunities.

-Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson recently posted..Download Your “Make Money Online” ReportsMy Profile


Prakash March 10, 2012 at 9:14 pm

These are really good secrets for driving more traffic. The ebook conversion of our blog post is so nice. and i will use it………
thanks for sharing it………
Prakash recently posted..Games for Snapdragon Android Devices for IndiaMy Profile


Jacob March 12, 2012 at 8:34 am

Never thought of membership sites. Will have to look into that some more, almost seems like guest blogging. Doing pdf’s for our content is a good idea. I will start doing that. Great way for more exposure. Thanks!
Jacob recently posted..eCosway Company Unbiased ReviewMy Profile


Alexander Collins March 12, 2012 at 5:32 pm

I’m going to give a try to PDF syndication. I think, It would be great.
Alexander Collins recently posted..Forex vs. FuturesMy Profile


Brian Lagoni March 13, 2012 at 2:03 pm

I agree with Alexander. I’m deffinately going to look more into syndication via PDF’s. I’ve done it a bit but not enought…

Thanks for the cool suggestions
Brian Lagoni recently posted..Are You Telling Yourself The Wrong Stories?My Profile


Sarah Arrow March 13, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Cool tips Ray, I have experimented with brandable PDF reports to promote a bigger ebook product and it worked incredibly well. I have no idea why I don’t do more of them!
PDFs can do very well in the search engines and I am sure I am not using that aspect enough!
Sarah Arrow recently posted..The cost of bloggingMy Profile


Theuns March 13, 2012 at 9:29 pm

Hi Kostas

Thx a lot for this good tips you give out , I need to get into ma\embers only sites i do not here about this way to get people on your blog but i am gong to work on it and then do my PDF book that i need to wright.

Regards Theuns
Theuns recently posted..How to Manage Your Time – Father Time and YouMy Profile


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