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The 3 Easiest Ways to Get Started Guest Blogging

December 7, 2011 · 21 comments

in Blogging

If you have a blog or a business you’re hoping to promote and you haven’t yet jumped on the guest blogging train, chances are you’ve either considered it or have begun researching to see if you can make it work and make it profitable to your endeavor.  The statistics show widely that guest blogging is one of the very best ways to build links and obtain new traffic for your site.

The opportunities are nearly endless and the benefits go both ways.  You increase your site’s standing and the blog you are appearing on as a guest author, benefits from fresh, new, high quality content that they did not have to spend the time on themselves.  So, if you’re ready to go and get started, here are some of the very easiest ways to get your toes wet, give it a shot, and see if it works for you.

Use MyBlogGuest

Guest Blogging Community

If you’re not sure who to contact or how to begin making inquiries, my best suggestion to you is to get registered on MyBlogGuest.  This site can actually help you in a variety of ways.  Number one, it gives you the opportunity to post what content you have written and have available for another blogger to pick up.  This is perfect for content you’ve already written but haven’t been sure what to do with, or for content that you’ve been dying to write about but haven’t had a spot to publish it.  You can “advertise” it here, so to speak, and if another blogger is interested, he will contact you.  This means no soliciting on your part, it’s as simple as posting and waiting.

Secondly, you can browse the forums, find the “Looking for a blog” category and introduce yourself and what you’d like to write about.  Bloggers looking for guest writers browse this, and if you spark their interest, they will contact you.  Again, easy as it gets.

Finally, you can be proactive and browse the “Looking for a guest author” page.  This is an extensive forum divided up into topics where bloggers will post “guest authors wanted” posts.  If you’re interested in writing them, you simply send them a message and tell them what you can offer.

Use BloggerLinkUp

Guest Blogging Community

I’m a huge fan of this!  This is much the same idea as MyBlogGuest but considerably smaller and therefore easier to get seen and picked up.  Sign up and then receive bi-weekly e-mails with a list on both sides of the spectrum: bloggers looking for guest content and a list of content offered by bloggers.  You can submit what content you’d like to get published as well as contact bloggers to confirm you can provide the content they’re looking for.

Make the Most of Google Search

Guest Post

Google will become your best friend as a guest blogger.  Performing simple searches in Google related to your content niche, (we’ll say it’s baking) will look something like a search for: “guest blogger AND baking.”  This will immediately provide you with search results of all the places where a guest blogger wrote something about baking, which means you have a good shot of also writing for the same site as a guest blogger on content that involves baking.

You can also do searches like “write for us AND guest post” in which you’ll get a huge variety of sites that are requesting people write for them.  After this, you simply visit the site, find the site owner/manager, and contact them with a professional e-mail stating who you are, why you would like to write for them and a few ideas of what you would write for them.  If you have samples available of your writing, you can include a few of these for their review as well.  Whatever you can do to make their job easier in deciding whether or not they want you to write for them, the better.

Once you’ve tried these methods out for awhile, you should build up a solid guest blogging portfolio that you can carry with you as you get into more advanced methods of finding guest posts, but to get you started, this should provide you with ample opportunities for an extensive length of time.  Go get started, find a blog and write your first post.  It can’t hurt anything and chances are very good it will greatly benefit your site and your number of followers.

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