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How Your Blog Can Waste Away Into Oblivion

February 19, 2012 · 10 comments

in Blogging

So you’ve put all this time and effort into your blog, built a name for yourself, done the proper marketing and promotion, but now you’ve started to notice the sliding rankings of your little baby you worked so hard to develop. What could it be? This is a very common problem and is usually due to one of 5 frequently made mistakes. Do your best to avoid these pitfalls and your foray into blogging will show the results with good page ranks and constant traffic.

1. Too Many Advertisements

Absolutely nobody enjoys a page full of advertisements, and many people view a saturated page as less authoritative than one with fewer ads. Google is going to, if they aren’t already, start factoring overly saturated ad space into their page rank indexing. This means that too many ads on your page can result in a lower PR rank and therefore less optimal positioning for search engine optimization, and it can take forever to recover from that kind of penalty.

2. Infrequent Posts

Though there are bloggers that take this to the extreme and post too often, it is all too common for bloggers to keep up with regular daily posts for a while and then taper off. Well guess what? If you taper off, so will your readership. Everyone gets busy and it may not be possible to generate new content every single day; however, it only takes a few trips to your blog where disappointed readers find a lack of fresh content for them to find another shiny new blog to frequent and forget all about you. Be willing to accept guest posts if you know you can’t keep up with daily posts, while this isn’t a daily solution it can be helpful in a pinch.

3. Unattractive Templates And/Or Difficult User Interface

The kind of template you employ lends to or strips credibility from your blog. It’s important to not be lazy with your template; it should be attractive and enticing, sleek and engaging. The same goes for your user interface; difficult navigation will drive traffic far, far away from your site and discourage return visits. Take the time to build a site people will not be able to say no to.

4. Posting Low-Quality Content

Like previously mentioned, if you’re struggling for content, accepting guest posts is a great idea, just make sure it’s relevant and worthy of your site. Fluff content isn’t going to cut it. Blogging is work. You’re going to have to come up with relevant content for your readers all the time. Do research, work on projects, whatever you have to do, but you’re doing your readers a disservice if you post useless content.

5. Not Giving Readers a Chance to Comment

A great way to drive repeat traffic to your site is to provide a place for people to comment at the bottom of your post. This allows readers to get into discussions about your posts and return to see how other readers respond. These can often turn heated, so monitor what should stay and what needs to be taken down for inappropriate content. Get involved with the comments too, if the readers are asking you a question respond with an answer. This will often stir the pot and result in even more return traffic and further discussion on your post.

There are too many quality, interesting blogs out there now for people to be able to get away with doing the job halfway and being successful. Respect your readership. They are what make you a blog and not just an online journal. Earn their attention by presenting them with a great experience on your site and they will return for more.

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