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Five things I don’t Like About Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

February 13, 2012 · 15 comments

in Blogging

I am Natasha, an Internet Marketing expert and a full time writer. In the couple of years of my web writing career, I have probably written more pieces for others’ blog (in capacity of a guest writer) as compared to my own websites.

I like guest blogging for many reasons and links are probably the last thing on my mind. The idea of reaching out to reputed blog’s readership is quite enthralling, and every time my post goes live, I always feel thankful to the blog owner for giving me the opportunity to speak to their readership (even if I have spent hours on writing and proofreading that post).

However there are some things that I have always found objectionable with the blogs accepting guest posts, some are quite common while others are not, let’s have a look.

Too many Ad Blocks:

Many blogs are run solely on the income coming from Adsense (or any other similar program), and it only makes sense to see a couple of Ad blocks somewhere on the blog, however the blogger’s eagerness to get a click out of each and every visitor who lands on their blog can easily become a nuisance when ads take the center stage and your post starts appearing as a paltry thing.

The Ads have become even a bigger switch-off after the Google Panda and page layout algorithm, with Google penalizing webpages with too many ads and thin content, it means that the blog is a likely candidate of a penalty, and there’s every chance that your links will be devalued sooner than later.

Acting as if they are doing a favor:

In the starting paragraph, I’ve categorically stated that I am always appreciative when a reputable blog opens its doors for guest bloggers. However, hardly any of them is doing it for charity purpose, since they are always getting outstanding articles in return.

It is primarily a give and take situation with both parties going home with one thing or two. Therefore, when blog owners starts acting like they are doing a favor by not responding to the emails in case a guest blogger is requesting a change in the author’s bio, or snubbing the writer when they ask for an estimated date when the post will go live, and the likes.

You might be getting a lot of spam, dozens of emails, and everything, but that’s the part of package, and you should learn (and plan) to deal with it instead of getting unmannerly in your communication.

Losing the track:

Some blogs that used to be pretty good ones for guest posting have recently turned into a desperate attempt at making money. Maybe because of management change or because of a change-of-mind on part of the blog owner, who is tired of “helping out” and “networking” with the community?

As a result, every second post you see blatantly promotes an affiliate product, or targets a particular set of lucrative keywords (e.g. xyz coupons), or there are too many paid links scattered everywhere on the blog.

As I’ve earlier mentioned, you’ve got every right to make money via your blog, but going the desperate route will actually hurt your money making prospects as well. And as far as guest blogging is concerned, such blogs are a big no for me.

Getting Abandoned:

This one is not common but still there are some blogs, which have totally stopped publishing any posts whatsoever, and the blog is lying dumped for quite some days.

I am not really sure what’s the idea behind totally boycotting the blog, because even if the owner needs some break, they can easily find some volunteer editors and keep the blog going.

Asking for money:

This is a practice getting more and more common now day, some bloggers will ask for a payment straightaway while others would call it a small fee for doing the editing and all, no matter what’s the disguise, asking for money for publishing a guest post is something that should be discouraged by all and sundry, especially because it will give the practice of guest blogging a bad name.

So, every time I get a response from the blogger, asking for some bucks in a sugar-coated manner, I politely refuse and withdraw my post.

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