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What You Don’t Know about Google Plus

What You Don’t Know about Google Plus 5 Comments

Richard blogs frequently. As of now he works for for a company who offers free junk car removal

google+Google Plus is one of the newest social networking sites, although it is quickly working it’s way to the top. Because it is so new, it offers many features that are different from some of the other social networking sites that have been around for a longer period of time. Offering these unique features helps draw people to newer sites, such as Google Plus, rather than sticking to the ones with which they are familiar.

HD Video

Though the default for videos on Google Plus is standard, Google Plus actually has the capability of supporting HD videos. This allows you to use HD when you chat with your circle of friends in high definition instead of the standard video available on most other websites. To change the video to HD, enter the chat area, hover the mouse over the chat section, click on the triangle and click on settings. You can find the box for changing to HD there.

Sharing Links

In many other social media sites, you can only share posts with people who are members of the same site and are your friends. With Google Plus, though, you can share posts with anyone, even those who aren’t your friends and even those who don’t use Google Plus. Simply click the time stamp on the post you want to share to open it in a new window. You can then copy the link from the new browser window and paste that link into an email or chat box to share with others.

Combining Your Social Networking Sites

Google Plus allows you to connect to your other social networking sites to import all of your friends. To complete this task, click on the gear icon to enter your settings. From there, choose the “connect accounts” option. You can then plug in the URL for each of your social networking sites to connect them to your Google Plus account.

Update Fonts

When you post your updates in most social networking sites, you can only post in one font. You can’t use any formatting. Google Plus is different; it allows you to use formatting in your updates. For instance, if you want to use bold, place an asterisk at the beginning and end of the text you want bolded. For italics, place an underscore before the text and a plus sign after. To create a strikethrough, use dashes before and after the text.

Making A Google Brand Page

Did you know that Google plus allows you to make a profile for your business? Yes, you can create a page specifically for your business (or blog). This feature is extremely awesome because it will allow you to add a lot of relevant information pertaining to your business. For example, if you’d like you can take pictures of your business and place them online. Think about how many potential customers this could bring to your business.

Video Chat

Lastly, Google Plus gives you the option to video chat. You will be able to join multiple conversations with your friends. How cool is that? This tool can also be integrated into businesses because it can allow you to meet your customers online.

Google Plus gives you many of the features of the other social networking sites with some additional advantages. For instance, you can chat with your friends in high definition, share links with anyone, even those who don’t have Google Plus, combine your social networking sites and make changes to the font of your updates. As you can see there is a lot to learn about Google Plus, it’s potential is huge, and we should be expecting many great updates in the future.

Richard blogs frequently. As of now he works for for a company who offers free junk car removal


  1. Google plus does seem to offer a lot, I actually think it will do pretty well against Facebook. The only problem is their search results which are littered with Google plus results

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