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Why Your Business Needs Google+

February 21, 2012 · 20 comments

in Business, Social Media

Seo and Google+Google+ maybe a late entrant into the phenomenon that is social media, and like many people you may initially wonder why you even need to use social media in your business, but the problem is can you really afford not to?

As an example – is there a day that passes when you do not see a company advertising its facebook page? Commonly it is more unusual to see an advert (Even on television) without a social media link of some form on it, than one with it. The ubiquitous twitter and facebook icons can also be found on nearly every website you come across.

And for business networking, we have seen LinkedIn make large inroads and carve out its own niche in the past year.

So why does your company need Google+? Well make no mistake Google has not entered this market with the intent of just being a bit player on the peripheral of things.

Get There Early

Now is the ideal time to start building your business pages on the service, as it has been proven time and again on other forms of social media that those who get onboard early reap the biggest benefits. Although the service has been public for a few months now, it’s still not too late to be one of the early adopters and biggest benefiters of the new social platform.

Firstly if you wait then you may find that by the time you go to register your business page on Google+ that someone else has already registered it, and by then there will be little that you can do about it, unless they have blatantly abused your company name, but if your company name is generic you will not be able to wrestle the page back off the other party.

Increase Your Company’s Visibility In Search Results

Also various parties on the Internet all seem to agree that Google+ can have an impact on your search visibility, with those pages that are rich in content appearing more frequently in search results, thus resulting in more traffic.

Also when you sign up for a Google+ badge, it automatically signs your company up into its “Direct Connect” program, so that if anyone searches on your company name with a + sign in front of it, they get directed straight to your Google+ page, making your company immediately accessible with just one click and no scanning down pages of search results.

Whilst it has many similarities to Facebook, such as Facebook has a like button; Google has a +1 button.

Google+ has ‘circles’ allowing you to just share information with certain friends and not all of them, whereas facebook has ‘smart friends.’ You can also create multiple circles of friends, which is a big advantage.

They both also feature options enabling chat between users.

Why Google+ Works – A Core Of Integrated Users

Where they differ is that Google+ is an application, and it has been designed to integrate with the vast amount of Google applications people already use, such as Google Apps For Business, which includes email, calendars and document sharing. And you only need one Google account to access everything, this means that you only need to login once to access your email, schedule a meeting with a client, and place an update on your Google+ business page, and of added benefit for businesses is Google checkout, which can be used as payment processor.

You can also link business pages to Google Maps, which show up in search results whereas facebook places (Maps) do not.

So as you can see whilst Google is a late entrant into the market it potentially has a lot more to offer to businesses as a one stop shop, and thus it well worth considering joining Google+

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