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Using Holidays to Promote your Brand

Using Holidays to Promote your Brand 1 Comment

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Holidays promotionEvery year companies scramble to make their presence known around Christmas time. This is for good reason. The holidays are a great time to promote their brands. This is not just because they are trying to sell their products, though that is the outcome they desire. This is because the Christmas season creates more brand awareness within shoppers.

Those who have spent all year not caring about a brand name, now has that brand on their mind. This makes holiday’s the perfect time to promote your brand for year-long recognition. The same can be said for every business and website. Here are a few tips on using holidays to promote your brand or site.

Choose your Holidays:

Within a calendar year, spanning many different religions and cultures, there are hundreds of holidays. This can make for a very trying time when you are utilizing holidays for brand recognition. Choosing those holidays that closely relate to your site or business, as well as your targeted audience will make it much easier to successfully implement. Changing your SEO for each holiday would be an endless task that will ultimately hurt you rather than help you.

The major holidays should be recognized with full on marketing. The lesser holidays will usually be served better with a small blurb, sale, or post on your site for recognition. Taking your entire marketing plan and customizing it for Columbus Day will only harm the marketing you already have in place. If you are a site owner, this will affect your page rank as your newly indexed site may not be re-indexed before the next major holiday you would like to promote.

Add to SEO, Don’t Replace it:

You have spent hundreds of hours planning the perfect SEO strategy for your website. You have compiled all the popular keywords and search terms, posted backlinks that are relevant and created content of high quality, and here comes Father’s Day. Do you really want to take down all the hard work you put up for a single day of fatherly recognition?

Instead of replacing your SEO strategies with a new one, add to your current marketing plan with fathers in mind. It is more beneficial to keep your already successful strategy in place while adding a father flair, rather than taking it down, making it all about dads and then putting up your previous SEO.

Deck the Halls When It’s Right:

During the major holidays companies and websites go all out. This is the right time. With festive seasoning in the hearts of the masses, you want to include your company or site. Changing your packaging and decking out your website will bring the holiday lovers joy to your brand.

The same way M&M’s changes their packaging for Christmas; you should change your site to festive colors as well. Bring out your holiday spirit and appeal to those who are enjoying the holidays. You should also offer holiday relevant content, sales, or affiliates. With that holiday in mind you can bring more traffic, increase sales, and promote your brand.

Be Consistent:

Even though you are targeting the holidays for an increase in brand promotion, this doesn’t mean you will benefit by promoting content that is irrelevant. SEO spiders don’t know it is St. Patrick’s Day or the 4th of July. Therefore you should remain consistent in your holiday postings with what you normally post on your site. Sprinkle holiday flair into your existing categories rather than adding a new one.

The holidays are a great time to get your name known and bring new traffic to your business, site, or brand. Changing your identity for even a season will only harm you in the end. Follow the tips to successfully convert those who celebrate the holidays and find more success in your SEO stocking this year and for years to come.

This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!

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  1. holidays are a great way to promote something especially your brand. But you have to be consistent and also be real on this promotions if you want to gain trust to the people and the client you will be dealing.

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