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What Is The Best Way To Quit A Job?

What Is The Best Way To Quit A Job? 2 Comments
How can you find the Best Way To Quit A Job?

Are you considering quitting your job? Are you thinking about the best way to quit a job?

Well, you’re at the right place, you’re not the first person to leave their job that’s for sure. Only in the last October, 3.5 million people left their job in the US only. Is it shocking? Maybe.

How did they do it? Isn’t it hard? Well, leaving a job can always be hard, stressful, and nerve-wracking. Especially if you haven’t found a job yet, if you’re struggling with that then this guide would help. Most of the time people can’t quit even when they want to. Why is that? Simply because of all the time, you invested in your job, and all of the effort your boss invested in you as well.

So how can you resign in the best way possible? Keep reading to find out.

How To Quit A Job In The Best Way Possible?

How To Quit A Job?

If you’re sure about quitting your job, weighed your options and found out that quitting is a must. Then this guide will help you leave your job on good terms and with your reputation intact. How? All you’ve got to do is follow these steps:

Leave an adequate notice

The first thing you need to do is to give adequate notice. If you’re under an employment contract then you have to check how many days of notice you’ve got to give. The most common one is two weeks notice.

Sometimes two weeks is actually the minimum amount you’re ought to give. If you’re looking for a way to leave your job on good terms with your boss, then you might have to give three to four weeks notice. This way you’ll help your boss in looking for an adequate replacement for you.

In the next step, you’ll find how you’ll be able to write a sweet notice letter.

Write Your Notice Letter

The only way you’ll be able to document your resigning is through this letter, if not, then it’s easy to assume that you’ve been fired and not the other way around, if you’re looking for a way to leave a sweet impression then the letter needs to be short and straight to the point. Make sure to include the reason for your resigning, when you’re leaving and an offer to train your replacement.

Make sure to give it to both your boss and the human resources of your enterprise. This way everyone concerned will know about the end of your tenure. Although informing your boss first might be best.

How To Inform Your Boss About Quitting Your Job

If you want to leave a good impression even after resigning, then make sure to tell your boss about your plans first. News travels fast so if you ever tell your colleagues of your plans before your boss, she might discover it before you tell her.

To keep your reputation intact and avoid office gossip, confront your boss with your notice letter. Tell her about your resigning plans, and then you can go on your merry way and inform your colleagues.

Train Who’s Replacing You

A great way to not leave the enterprise struggling with the new employee is by training them to replace you. If you do this then your boss and company will be grateful for you and you’ll be able to repay your debt to the company.

The training process takes a lot of time. So if you offer your help you’ll make sure to accelerate the transition and help your colleagues and company to stay on track. Make sure to make your replacement learn all the tricks and hacks you’ve learned on the course of years.  This way they can make up for some of the time and productivity lost in the transition.

How To Maintain Your Productivity

Some employees, once they decide to resign, they start to slack off on their jobs and get lazy. Not only is this bad for your company but it’s also bad if you’re looking to get a good reference and a recommendation letter from your boss.

All the reputation you’ve been building up for years will come crumbling if you do this. Because of the office gossip growing, people will start noticing you more. This means noticing every little detail including your lazy aura.

Make sure to maintain your productivity until your last day. This way you’ll leave an everlasting positive impression that will help you on your new job as well.

Say Goodbye To Your Colleagues On Your Last Day When Quitting Your Job

In this last step of “the best way to quit a job”, you need to remember one thing: Friendship matters.

Investing years in a job means growing close to your colleagues. So leaving on your last day without informing them is like stabbing them in the back. Before you leave, make sure to inform them and tell them that you’re resigning before they come the next day and find an empty desk.

An everlasting impression is everything an employee should be working for. Making your teammates and colleagues feel as if they’re not important will not only hurt your image as a person but also your reputation. So even if you can’t meet them and say goodbye in person, you can leave them goodbye emails to inform them and to thank them for all the time you shared with them.

Best Way To Quit A Job farewell colleagues

Quit Your Job With A Smile

If you follow this “best way to quit a job” guide, then you’ll be able to leave your job gracefully, with your head held up high, and with a recommendation letter in your pocket for your next job. And if you still need some advice on career leads, then simply check this.


  1. It’s also a good idea to have a back up plan in place if you’re planning on leaving a job. Many get stuck in a job because they don’t have other options or the confidence to take a leap of faith…an online business is an option as you can built it around a job before you leave.

  2. You mentioned it all. I have quit my job before and I sent an email to the management team 4 week before i quit. I then helped my replacement fit in and everyone was happy with the way I left. Always thank the employers for the opportunity they provided and leave amicably.

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