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Job Hunting Through Social Media Outlets

Job Hunting Through Social Media Outlets 2 Comments

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Social media is a fast growing industry. Almost everyone who has access to the internet is connected to one social media site or the other. Where many use it for recreational purposes or to stay connected with their family and friends, others use it for professional purposes as well.

Times have changed and the world today is more tech-savvy than ten years ago. A lot of people today are finding jobs online or through social media and a lot of people are looking for employees through the same channel. There are a lot of social-media sites out there; the question is how to use them to your advantage.

Know the industry: There are many social-media sites to choose from. While some are more recreational others are more professional. We need to know which site would work best for us. Some of the most popular social media sites today are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Hi5

While facebook and twitter are mostly used for fun linkedin is more professional. It helps you to stay connected with other professionals in town. You can stay up to date with what is happening in the industry of your field. A lot of people go to linkedin to find people appropriate for jobs at their company.

Having fully descriptive resume and recommendations from your previous employers would be a good idea. You should have a professional picture; people tend to approach you if they can see your face.

Having accounts on more than one social-media network would be beneficial.We should stay up to date and should know how these sites work. A lot of people are looking for professionals online. They might be goggling your name, so keeping your name open to these searches is essential to get more exposure.

Avoid identity threat: In today’s world of social networking a common concern is that of identity threat or invasion of privacy. One should know how much information to put out there. Don’t give out too many personal details. Stick to the point and only share professional information that is essential for a job hunt.

Use social media to advertise your skills: If you are a writer get your work published on e-magazines, online newspapers. Create a blog and share your work with people. Have the links posted on your social-media pages. If you are an actor make your own videos and share them on YouTube.

You can also use YouTube to show off any other talents you might have. Like bakers use it to show their cakes, you can make a video of any talent you have and put it on YouTube for others to find. The more exposure you have the more likely it is for you to get contacted by a professional employer.

There are a lot of job opportunities that can be reached by the social media sites. Some of them are:

  • Technology writer
  • Social media manager
  • Freelance writer

This does not mean that other professions don’t have a chance. Sites like myspace, linkedin etc give you the opportunity to interact with people and develop relationships. This gives you exposure, keeps you updated and easily approachable.

I am Susan Hannan from Examsking. Looking for exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of Exams King self-paced Oracle Certification training material and clear your IT certification on first try.


  1. Nice article. I’m not looking for a job, but simply by becoming more active on Linkedin I’ve made some wonderful new contacts, learned a lot and been offered two consulting jobs – definitely works!

  2. Great article and thank you for all the information you have put out there. In social media we do have to be careful of how much of ourselves we do put out there. Linked in has been my “secret weapon” for over three years now. I find it a very appropriate way to do business. People there are more serious and looking for answers to their questions.
    I have attained many people that come to my FB or blog from Linkedin.
    I will be back to check out your “Traffic System” – looks interesting to me so I bookmarked it. Right now I am sticking to 2 projects that have to be completed and the coach I hired is working me hard. lol!
    Will Be Back Soon,

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