What Is The Best Font For Business Cards?

What Is The Best Font For Business Cards? 1 Comment
Best font for business cards

Are you wondering what is the best font for business cards?

Well, you’re in the right place, when you design your card, fonts can be an element more-so-often that can be overlooked which can have a tremendous impact on your card, brand, and enterprise’s perception overall.

So choosing the right font is like choosing the brush with which you’ll be painting. Because business cards are important to represent your business.

To avoid this, you need a font that sticks out and demands attention and suits your overall design.

How can you create a powerful business card? 

For a business card to be catchy, it needs to have enough information, the less the better.

These pieces of information should be understandable, accurate, short and straight to the point, the size should be just right without it impacting the overall design.

You might find it difficult to design fonts for your business card and choose the correct size, that is why in this article, you’ll find that every possible question you might ask is already listed.

What Types Of fonts Are There?

Every font style is different, and each one has a specific role or an aura to it, some are more suitable for artistic designs while some are more suitable for bold design. So it actually depends on what kind of message you’re promoting.

Overall, there are 5 main types of fonts:

Serif Fonts

These ones are characterized by small feet in each letter in both top and bottom, the most popular one of these Serif Fonts is Times New Roman.

This type is commonly used by companies to portray an elegant yet sophisticated brand for people to rely on.

Sans Serif Fonts

On the contrary of Serif fonts, these ones are more simple and plain since they have no feet in them. Because of the contrast, these two fonts have they go very well with each other.

These are more used to showcase simplicity, clarity, and straight-forwardness.

Slab Serif Fonts

Just like Serif fonts, these ones are also characterized by feet in each letter but with a bolder and more defined look. The feet look more prominent in this type.

If you’re into extreme looks that speak louder than words do, then this type is the one for you.

Script Fonts

Have you ever come across handwritten like fonts? Well, those are Script fonts, these are designed to look as if they’re personalized and customized and that’s the beauty in them.

They are more suitable if you plan on giving a feminine, creative and a free aura to your fonts.

Decorative Fonts

Unique artistic looks are more of a characteristic of Decorative Fonts, they usually have exaggerative serifs and are normally used for small texts or words of large size.

They emphasize creativity, uniqueness, and originality when used by companies.

How To Pick A Font For Your Business Card?

Picking a font is a matter of various factors which are mainly company-related and business-related, so here’s what you need to do to make your business card look irreproachable:

Research For Picking A Font For Your Business Card

Research For Picking A Font For Your Business Card


The first thing you need to do is understand your business and know it thoroughly because the choice of fonts will differ from a line of business to another. So you need to determine your line of business, industry and overall positioning.

Are you a traditional enterprise selling traditional products or are you modern?

Is the concept subtle or is it bold?

Are you looking for a way to look sophisticated or rather clear and simple?

Your business card fonts will also depend on who is making them, is it a graphic designer who’ll be responsible for it or is it design agency or are you going to use Canva?

If it’s a graphic designer then maybe the range of choice he’ll have won’t be as diversified as those of the design agency. But in some cases, a graphic designer might be a better choice if you’re looking for a subtle design with subtle fonts.

Consistency In The Fonts You Use In All Your Brand’s Channels

Fonts You Use In All Your Brand's Channels

If you already have a design for your website, brochure or you name it, then you need to stick with it. Even on the fonts used on your business card because consistency is one of the main factors that promote a brand’s recognition.

If you’re wondering how to enhance your web’s design then this would help.

So take a look at the previous fonts you’ve used on your website’s design and brochures and you’ll be able to make a choice. In other words, you need to follow the same style as before and preserve that consistency related to your brand.

5 Best Fonts For Business Cards:

Depending on your line of business, one might suit you better than the other, but here are the 5 most recommended fonts for business cards:

1) Helvetica

Helvetica is a very classic font that almost everybody uses in business cards. It’s simple, elegant and it’s one of the most popular sans serif fonts, it has low contrast and portrays modernity. It was used by companies on a popular scale to set themselves apart from the past.

2) Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro is a neutral, general-purpose font which makes it versatile and usable in any context. For this reason, many companies adopted it including Apple, Wells Fargo..etc. It’s fairly easy to read and very simple.  So if you’re looking for simplicity Myriad Pro is the way to go.

3) Tarjan

If you’re into Roman-inspired fonts then this font might be the one for you. Just like its name portrays, Tarjan has a Roman touch to it, this makes it very classic, traditional and attaches it to the past. If your brand is classic and is all about power, Tarjan is there to fulfil the role.

4) Tahoma

Tahoma is a sans-serif type of font. A graphic designer created this font for Microsoft and since almost everyone used Microsoft XP so this font became quite familiar. Most business cards started commonly using this font because it gives off a nostalgic vibe.

5) Futura

Just like Helvetica, Futura is a very classic font to use. It gives off an artistic classic type of vibe and it looks very consistent plus it displays confidence and strength. If you’d like to portray a confident and a strong aura for your business, then choose Futura.

The Best Business Font to Use

After reading this article you must be wondering what is the best font for business cards. Well, my favorite so far and that I think is most suitable for business cards is Helvetica. It’s because Helvetica has always been and will always be the go-to for all designers which makes it a safe choice and a wise one for business cards, it’s simple, clear yet elegant. It’s classic yet it gives off a modern vibe, it lets you come off as a modern and an open-minded brand. All into one, which is why the best font to use is Helvetica.

Everyone is familiar with Helvetica which makes it a great choice as the best font for business cards. And that’s why it’s recommended by almost everyone.

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  1. It is definitely informative. I agree with you that choosing the right font is good for creating eye-catching business card designs. You surely have good writing.
    I like Tarjan Futura Sans Serif fonts for my next design projects. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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