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How to Start a Blog and Run It Successfully If You Are New To The Digital World

How to Start a Blog and Run It Successfully If You Are New To The Digital World 2 Comments


Blogging is one of the best ways to express ideas, spread knowledge and is often used for marketing. It can be a hobby and can be opted for professional purposes. Whether as a hobby or professionally, maintaining a blog can help you in many ways, like monetizing, marketing and promotions. As blogging has many benefits, to start a blog can be a great step to take. But if you are a newbie to the digital world, it would probably be difficult for you to understand the concept and criteria of blogging. So, to help you here we will explain, how to start a blog and run it successfully.

things to know before you start a blog

Steps To Start A Blog And Run It Successfully


  • Create an account

The first and foremost step of starting a blog is generating an e-mail ID and creating a blog account on any open-source content management system or buy a domain for your blog website. But as you are new to the digital world, it would be best to start with an open-source content management system like WordPress or BlogSpot, that are free to create a simple blog account.


2) Remember- Content is the key

No matter if you have started a blog website or have an account on blog-publishing service website, if you won’t post good quality content, nothing will work. Posting a good quality content needs hard work and skills that is why blogging is not considered easy. If you are considering blogging as a career then start working on your writing and research skills.


3) Be Patient and Continue the Hard Work

Keep working hard on the blog, as no one can get an overnight success. Once you started generating traffic on your blog, you can consider it as the first step of running a successful blog.

When your blog will start generating humongous traffic you can monetize your blog by placing ads in your blog and can earn well through it. Also, you can use your blog for affiliate marketing, by inserting product links in the blog.


5 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic On Your Blog Website


  • Make Your Content Unique and Titles Catchy

The first step that you can take is to make your content unique and come in the industry with new ideas that no other blog website has posted yet. Viewers crave to see good quality unique content and if you’ll come up with a unique content then it will definitely generate organic traffic on your blog website. Also, using catchy titles for your blog post is an add-on which can attract more viewers to have a look at your content.


  • Post SEO Friendly Content

SEO is the basic yet the most important key to generate traffic on a website. Make sure to use the right keywords to incorporate in your content that would help you to generate humongous traffic on your website.

To select the right keywords, you can refer some marketing analytics softwares that would show you the search volumes and competition of a particular keyword. By using these types of software you can decide on which keyword you can rank and on which you cannot.


  • Do Social Sharing

Social sharing gives a big boost to the traffic rate. As, a maximum number of people use social media, thus, it is easy to target maximum people. You can also get your work shared on big social media pages with the help of paid promotion.


  • Respond to Blog Comments

The more you interact with your viewers, the better the engagement you will get. So, respond to your viewers in the comment section and keep a check on the engagement rate.


  • Go for Backlinking and Guest Posts

Getting your blog website’s link posted on other websites with good domain authority is of great help as it makes people aware of your website.

You can write a guest post for other websites, this way it can work as a give and take relation of providing good quality content and gaining traffic.


So, this was the complete guide to start a blog and running it successfully for people who are new to the digital world.


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