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7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2018

7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2018 2 Comments

This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!

According to CoSchedule, you need a documented marketing strategy to generate growth and boost your sales in 2018. So, you should come up with a consistent plan to promote your business online and offline, if you want to reach broader audiences and increase conversions.

In a digital era dominated by millennials and their need to consume content, brands need to find innovative methods. They should use these methods to connect with potential customers. You must adapt to these trends and come up with original campaigns too. This is to increase brand awareness and attract more prospects into your sales funnel.

As sales change, marketing becomes more and more important in attracting and converting strangers into buyers. You must personalize interactions with your brand and add value to your public to generate engagement.

Here are five ways to improve your marketing strategy to be successful in 2018.

Analyze Your Past Efforts and Build on Your Old Strategy

Marketing is a continuous effort in your business evolution. All your new campaigns should start from previous actions, to keep a consistent message as you grow your business. Customers like authenticity and honesty. So, you should give them continuity as you develop marketing campaigns.

Evaluate your efforts from 2017 and see how you can continue your projects to improve your brand image and get to new customers. This way, you have a solid foundation on which to develop new ideas while keeping a consistent voice and gain trust.  

Analyze your past effort — what went well and what you can improve, what goals you achieved and what new objectives you want to set for 2018. With specific goals in mind, you’re more likely to build a successful strategy.

Create More Content

82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content. Like in the past years, high-quality content is the center of any successful marketing strategy, regardless of the industry in which you operate.

What you can do to improve this strategy is pick a niche and start covering it with in-depth blogs and articles. Research pain points in the industry to give accurate answers and useful advice that can help prospects solve their problems.

Quality should win over quantity if you’re looking to drive more traffic and increase conversions this year. Many businesses still consider content creation a challenge because people are looking for curated articles that add value.

Introduce at Least One New Type of Content

If you haven’t tried video content, now it’s the perfect time to start recording. Businesses that use video for marketing purposes register 49 percent higher growth than those who don’t integrate video into their marketing strategy.

Create a YouTube channel and make yourself useful! How-to guides, tutorials, interviews — anything that can help your prospects is an excellent tool to improve your content marketing strategy.  

If you’re already using video to increase engagement, you can innovate in this field with new technology. You can give a new dimension to video content, such as learning some drone video tips to give an ‘aerial perspective’ to your business, for example.

Or, you can try Podcasts or Live videos to reach new audiences. This way, you bring something fresh in your current strategy and keep your audience connected to your brand.

Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most cost-effective method of communication with your leads, with an ROI that can reach 4400 percent, more than Facebook or other social media.

If you take the time to evaluate your current email list and implement some email marketing best practices, you can build a stable relationship with your existing customers and boost your sales.

Use email segmentation to personalize the content that you send to your prospects, depending on how far they are in the customer journey. If they’re still in the awareness stage, give them useful information to solve their problems. If you think they’re close to making a decision, give them details about your current prices and offers.

Use the Power of Micro Influencers

The trend of influencer marketing has been growing since 2016 when most marketers believed this strategy to be highly effective. As we move on towards a new generation of customers (from millennials to Generation Z), brands must learn to adapt to a new trend: micro influencers.

Micro influencers are people with 1,000 to 100,000 followers on social media, who can help you introduce your brand to their community. The new generation seems to prefer them to the macro-influencers, like famous TV stars or sports players.

Pick those influencers that are relevant to your industry, to keep an authentic message.

Update Your Social Media Marketing

A Facebook presence is no longer enough to keep your brand ahead of competitors. You should still publish content on your business page and invest in Facebook Ads, but you must make a step forward and explore more channels to communicate with your prospects.

Snapchat and Instagram have registered consistent growth. As their number of users grows, these social networks generate more business opportunities for companies large and small. Create engaging visual content to share on Instagram, learn about its algorithm and experiment with paid advertising.

You can grow a loyal community around your brand and generate positive reactions among your target public.

Measure Your Efforts

Track your data during your marketing campaigns. There’s plenty of software online that can help you monitor your effort. Use analytics to measure your results, as you move on with your strategy.

This way, you can see what’s working and what doesn’t bring good results. You can calculate ROI and improve on a regular basis.

Marketing in 2018 is all about keeping channels open for your customers to communicate with you. The more information you provide, the higher your chances to consolidate your relationship with your prospects, increase conversion rates and boost your sales.

This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!


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