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4 Unusual Ways To Research Low Competitive Keywords Quickly

May 27, 2012 · 16 comments

in Internet Marketing, SEO

Keyword ResearchKeywords are the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Without them, you will be lost in the search engine result pages. Google especially, recognizes viable keywords when they’re used creatively and naturally.

Keyword-stuffing is a wrong optimization principle – and you should stay away from it. There is a better way: research keywords which are less competitive and optimize for them.

However, the traditional keyword research may not deliver the best results for you.

Everyone is using Google keywords tool to determine what buyers have in mind. But is that the only way to pick up great keywords? Certainly not!

This article will help you stay-of-the-radar to discover where the best hidden key phrases are. Let’s see if the 4 unusual ways piques your mind.

Forum Posts and Replies

Did you know that online discussion boards are great for keyword research? When people come together to share opinions and learn from experts, it’s an avenue to pour out their hearts and ask intelligent questions.

As a savvy marketer, do not neglect to study the new threads and the comments from other forum members. These are rare gems and unlike the formal keyword research where you utilize tools, forum threads and replies speak volumes.

It reveals what the poster has in mind at the time of writing. It all boils down to honestly and people are more honest with new threads and replies because, they want answers or to enhance credibility. Contributions and questions are helpful data. It would guide you when creating content for your blog.

Tweets and Retweets

Reliable SEO services are designed to create rich engagement with target audience. We know that engagement is the key to keep search engine rankings increasing. But how do tweets help in keyword research?

First, retweets are powerful indicators of what the market is looking for right now. When several people decide to retweet, it’s reveals hot trend around the web.

Most interestingly, tweet and retweets can form the foundation of a good keyword research. Those tweets are like article headlines. Gone are the days when you read tweets and ignore the words and phrases used – when you carefully study them, you’ll gain so much idea to enhance keyword research.

Even if you’ve intentions to dig further into your niche, use the words and headline style to research effectively. You could visit Google keywords tool, type the exact headline you retweeted, if any, and hit the search button. You’ll pick up some powerful and low competing key phrases.

Blog Post Comments

This is one great keyword research strategy. Blogging is like building a tribe – “a tribe is a group of people who share similar interest, culture and life.” When you successfully build a ‘tribe’ you’ll earn trust and enhance your credibility to the extent that when you publish a new post; there will be 10s of comments from avid readers.

Those comments are not to be ignored – there are people behind the comments. And a comment reveals the ‘real’ person, what he’s passing through, his aspiration and the problem in his life.

Off course, a bunch of comments we receive on our posts seems like spam. And they are truly, but I’m talking about different comments – those from the hearts. They are often accompanied by truths and distinct explanations of the problem the commenter faces.

The best commenters are those who ask questions. You should use the questions to create a new article. Also, when people add their 2-cent to a post, you could pickup ideas and tips to create a better article. Build a tribe today by offering quality content, answer comments and make your environment free from controversial thoughts.

Google Search Engine

Google SERPs are a good source for keywords research

Yes, Google search engine has millions of keywords that are less competitive. These less competing terms are what a trustworthy SEO company builds upon to provide in-depth and top notch search engine services.

Unfortunately, those in the mainstream niches (internet marketing, weight loss, health, small business and so on) may not rank for the primary or related key terms. So, what’s left for you – use Google search engine instead.

When you search for a particular keyword, scroll down to the last result on the first page. Below the #10 search result, you’ll find some helpful keywords. These are suggestions from Google. The suggested terms may have low search volumes, but dominating and ranking for them is quite easy.

Take This Home

Keywords not only help in strengthening your site and pages to rank well, it also directs and instructs the readers (web searchers) that they’ve made the right search-decision. Use keywords naturally. Start with keywords – but focus on quality content. See you ahead!

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{ 15 comments… read them below or add one }

Lisa May 28, 2012 at 1:54 pm

What would be some of the best forums to check out? Thanks.
Lisa recently posted..From the Foot Buffer to the Buffer App – Products That Do More For YouMy Profile


Brian May 28, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Lisa, you should get active in forums that are specific to your niche/industry only.


Holly May 28, 2012 at 7:54 pm

I haven’t had much luck with forums.. I guess I am checking out the wrong ones.. That gives me the idea to do a little more research in that area!…. I like your suggestion about checking out the words at the bottom of the Google search page… YOu say that “the suggested terms may have low search volumes, but dominating and ranking for them is quite easy.” I hadn’t thought of that before! I am looking for a way that works for me… Perhaps I have found one in your suggestions here!
Holly recently posted..Getting Older Sucks But It Doesn’t Have ToMy Profile


Rosemary O'Shaughnessy May 28, 2012 at 10:40 pm

Hi Kostas and Brian,

Many thanks for sharing these very useful tips. I really like the idea of using twitter for keywords , I find it a very useful research tool. It is important to have innovation to provide value and quality for blogs. take care Rosemary
Rosemary O’Shaughnessy recently posted..Speed Dial 2 ……another Chrome Add On ….That You might find useful!!My Profile


Kristen May 28, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Wow, I must lack creativity. I never thought about looking at retweets for possible key word suggestions. Also, I didn’t know about looking at the bottom of the page of google for key word tips. I am going to start making a list from my blog comments to see if there are any good posts that come from the comments. All of these suggestions were helpful for me, as my blog is generally a health blog, although it focuses mainly on stress. I need as much help as I can to get my posts found by search engines.
Kristen recently posted..Stress at Work: Coping with Email StressMy Profile


Sylviane Nuccio May 29, 2012 at 4:52 am

I like these tips for keywords research very much. I am not crazy about keyword tools as it is, as you mentioned, only reliable to a point and pretty boring to me.

I am more of a TRUE keyword diggers and using platforms such as forums, tweets and blog comments really spark my interest way more.

Thanks for this 🙂
Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Learning How To Write Online And The First Steps I Took Starting OutMy Profile


Steve Vernon May 29, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I’m certainly glad I came across this post. Like Sylviane said above, the usual Google keyword tools can be rather boring, and I often wonder how effective they really are. There are some great ideas here, which I will surely be putting to use. Thanks!
Steve Vernon recently posted..BigotryMy Profile


Donna Merrill May 30, 2012 at 4:49 am

I am so glad I came to this specific post. Everyone is on the Google keyword search, but it never quite sat well with me. I like your idea of forums..have to pay more attention to that one. Also, tweets and retweets never crossed my mind. (I’m writing this down on my Evernote as I read this so I can remember to do it)
Most importantly, I am a true believer in comments. No matter how people try to figure things out, comments have always been a stronghold for me. On my blog and my comments on others.
As you can see by my blog name – donnamerrilltribe – I am a great believer of syndication because I am dealing with real people. And it is fun too!
Thanks so much,
Donna Merrill recently posted..5 Ways Of Effective BloggingMy Profile


brianix May 30, 2012 at 6:45 am

Thanks, everybody! I am glad I could give some ideas, other than the usual suspect, Google Keyword Tool. Cheer!


Amit Shaw May 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

Thanks brianix for sharing this useful article. This is the part where i am lacking very much. But now i am not concntrating on Keyword and all. After penguin and panda we should write for readers not for SERP 😀
Amit Shaw recently posted..Four Reasons Why iPad is More Prominent in Gaming IndustryMy Profile


Jacob May 30, 2012 at 10:39 am

Great tips here man. Never realized I could use forum and blog comments for keyword research ideas. The google suggestions is also a great way. It tends to give more related keywords that are less competitive. It all really ends with our own creativity. There is a lot of keywords out there, but it is up to us to get them. The hidden gems that is.
Jacob recently posted..Top Notch Network Marketing Success Tips To Gain More InfluenceMy Profile


alicia@yboggle May 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm

Tweeter is one of the social media I am still trying to get advantage of. I appreciate your tips about tweets and re-tweets, it is very powerful.
alicia@yboggle recently posted..Comment on yBoggle Travel by Benefiting From Discount Cruise Prices | Article ShopMy Profile


Raena Lynn May 31, 2012 at 3:53 am

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the great tips on keywords. I agree with Donna Merrill. I really like the idea of blog post comments for keyword research. I am a true believer and participant of syndication and quality comments are an indicator of what is important and reveals quality content. I didn’t realize re-tweeting could be used in such a powerful way. Thank you very much for these ideas. This training certainly deems investigating.

Raena Lynn
Raena Lynn recently posted..What Should You Give Up To Be Happy?My Profile


Zena Wehbe May 31, 2012 at 1:45 pm

I always get great tips from here! Really eye-opening article on how to find relevant keywords. I will definitely be paying more attention to forums and re-tweets, that’s so original! Thanks so much for sharing.
Zena Wehbe recently posted..How To Control Your Hunger CravingsMy Profile


Steve-Personal Success Factors June 1, 2012 at 4:58 am

I’ve often gotten great ideas for my posts just by asking questions on Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups related to my niche. And you’re so right: hanging out in forums is a great way to listen to your audience and find out what’s important to them. Once you have a few concepts, you can go to for some great keyword ideas after you type in the words you came up with.
Steve-Personal Success Factors recently posted..Discover 7 Steps To Finding (and Living) Your PurposeMy Profile


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