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Best 3 Link Building Strategies To Dominate Search Engines Quickly

January 4, 2012 · 32 comments

in SEO

Quality links are the currency of the web.

Until you master the art of building quality and relevant links to your web pages, getting a top position in search engines is only a day-dream. But you can bring your dreams to reality by focusing on the core aspects of your business. Before taking part in any link building analysis, ask yourself what your motivation and goal is.

If you don’t have a goal as a blogger or internet entrepreneur please stop whatever you’re aiming at and write your clear goals down. Blogging is goal setting in disguise and for your success to be real and enviable; a proper guide has to be in place.

It’s not enough to write quality articles. It’s not even enough to have plenty of people commenting on your blog posts, it has to go further than that. Let me show you the exact three strategies that can catapult your web pages to Google’s homepage. Whether you’re a link building expert or a beginner, the strategies below can help you succeed.

1. Twisted Article Marketing Style

“Twisted” is a word I coined out when I discovered the fall of traditional article marketing. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You write articles, submit to directories and that’s all. Wait for it to be approved and start getting traffic and high ranking on your long tail keywords.

But all that have changed now. Traditional article marketing doesn’t work anymore. But article marketing is still as effective as in the past few years. Instead of submitting your quality articles to directories, transform this piece into a podcast and share with your audience.

Also, use your article and create a slideshow or powerpoint presentation. There are various ways to use articles to build backlinks apart from syndicating directly to EZA ( People usually like sharing intelligent and quality videos and presentations. That’s a great link building strategy that works.

2. Tutorial Style Link Building

When did you start marketing online?

Do you know that as I write this article, thousands of beginners are getting on the internet and starting their own blogs? These people are desperate for the ‘basic’ knowledge of web marketing. That’s where you come in. Write step by step tutorials on how to do a particular thing. Get registered with tutorial sites and share your work.

A single detailed tutorial can receive natural links from external blogs and web portals. Ensure you use anchor texts (keywords) for linking back to your web pages. Beginners will share your tutorials with their friends, colleagues and may even bookmark your page for future visits. All these would bring about a surge of targeted link system known as “link wheels.”

3. Enhance Your Web Credibility

How many times have someone linked to your name or domain name without your permission? If you’re still struggling to earn this privilege, then I admonish you to build your credibility today.

The best way to build your credibility is by answering questions in your field. You don’t have to answer or proffer solutions to every need out there, just be relevant to your audience and offer a helping hand. The more valuable solutions you provide, the better your web-image. How people see you online is more important than how you see yourself.

Thereafter, A-list blogs, corporate sites and social media users will start to link back to you for helpful answers. For instance, I’ve linked to Brian Clark ( more than 10 times in my previous posts. Can someone link to you willingly? Examine your credibility and don’t neglect to explore the great potentials it has.

Marketing Takeaway

How many hours do you’ve to amass thousands of backlinks required for top Google ranking? If you decide to do it manually all by yourself, be ready to burn your fingers and quit if care isn’t taken.

But when you use other people’s time (OPT), link building becomes easier, prettier and exceedingly fruitful. See you ahead!

Written by Michael Chibuzor

Michael Chibuzor is is a link building expert and Freelance Writer. He contributes on a learn French software blog as the editor, where he shares free French course & lessons. In his spare time, he reviews point and shoot digital cameras, LCD gadgets like the Panasonic Viera 42 Plasma Fhd 1080p Tv TCP42U2 and other electronic kits for your home and office use.

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