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How You Can Really Make Money With Adsense

December 3, 2011 · 21 comments

in Internet Marketing, PPC Advertising

So you want to really make money with adsense huh? Well then I hope you find this to be an interesting read.

First off, I have been able to make money with adsense through trial and error. Literally it took me at least 1 WHOLE YEAR to figure out what I was doing wrong (which I will explain in a bit).

Google Adsense TipsWhen it comes to Google Adsense, you need to make sure you are doing a few of these things.

1. Make sure you are targetting worthwhile keywords (Searches)

2. Make sure that your keywords have high Cost Per Click (CPC)

3. Examine competition

4. Understand AD Placement.

Now let me break these down for you in order and explain on why I think they are important and the mess ups I did throughout time.

Keyword Monthly Searches

When I started I wish someone would have told me that this was important but unfortuntaly they didn’t. When doing keyword research using google’s keyword tool, you need to understand that if you go for anything that is low searched, even if you land on the first page, you will probably not see much traffic coming from it.

Basically what I did was rank on the first page of google for terms that were probably getting 5 searches a day. Yuck! You live and you learn I guess. When you want to build a website around a particular keyword, make sure it gets a fair amount of Exact Match search volume. ( I like to stick to around 3K and up)

High CPC (Cost Per Click)

Targeting keywords with high CPC is important because if Adsense is the only way you use to monetize your website, you need to make sure that those clicks will be worhwhile. Now there is no way to know exactly what you will be paid for each click, but google does show an “estimate” for the CPC for a particular keyword.

You can base your research off that. The reason I believe this is HIGHLY important is because some of my websites could get let’s say… 25 clicks and only make $3. (Remember these are example numbers, revealing them is against the TOS so never reveal them)

But at the same time another website could get 5 clicks and make $15.  This is because the theme of your overall website is better for adsense if you wanted to use that platform to monetize your site. If you are noticing horrible CPC values, maybe you should consider a different way to make money with your website.

Look At Your Competition

This one is important but not TOO important. It seems like now everyone wants to build micro sites that are in obscure niches so they can dominate their search engine rankings.

That’s great, but a lot of times there’s a reason why there is a low competition.

Because the niche….stinks!

While you do not want to find yourself battling a high and powerful site like a WebMd medical site, don’t get scared if you see someone who may look strong. Look a little deeper to see what they are optimized for. You can ask questions like:

  • Are they optmized for this term in their TITLE TAGS?
  • How many backlinks does this specific page have? (Not the whole site but the SPECIFIC page, remember pages rank, websites don’t)
  • How long has this website been around? (Site Age)

Your Ad Placements

I thought this one would be a no brainer but sometimes people find it hard to make money with adsense because they put their ads where people can’t see them. I have never been a fan of  “blending my ads” to match my content.

Just never worked for me…at least not yet. I like putting them where the visitor can see them, maybe in the navigational menu. Somewhere over the fold.  Also DO NOT put TOO many ads.

Don’t make your site look like some spammy thing you put up in a few minutes.

What you should do is google “Adsense heatmap” and you will find where google feels is the best place to put your ads on your website based on their research.

Those are 4 simple tips I can give you right now to make some cash with adsense. I am also getting into experimenting with global domains international as an income stream but that’s on a different subject.

I wish I would have known some of these tips when I started…but you live and you learn!

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