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Most Interactive Social Media Campaigns of 2013

Most Interactive Social Media Campaigns of 2013 4 Comments

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Interactivity is what marketing is about since pretty much all of use social networks.

Pretty much all of the most successful social media campaigns relied on input from social media followers. Here are just a few – the best of the best of 2013:

Heineken Departure Rulette

Imagine this scenario: You have just arrived at the airport and are about to go home or go to your chosen destination. Somebody offers you 2000$ and two free days of hotel stays, but you have to drop your plans and go to a completely random destination.

Heineken did just that. They intercepted travelers at JFK airport to see how many people are willing to completely change their schedules in a moments notice.

The video gained about 3 million Youtube views, thousands of Facebook likes and Twitter mentions and numerous press coverages. But the followup video did twice as good.

Heineken team tracked down people who tweeted about how they’d certainly commit to the challenge and go anywhere in the world, if given the chance. They interviewed these people, and offered them a chance to go to an unknown destination right that instant. Watch what happens next:

Give people something to talk about, and expand the awareness of your company in the process.

Velocity Rewards Pet Ambassador

Velocity Australian rewards program for frequent flyers on Virgin Australia Airlines and their partners, launched the first Australian pet frequent flyer program, where pets would be allowed to acquire points on behalf of their owners.

Velocity needed a face to put on front of the program, and they were brave enough to turn to their fans. Namely, they’ve posted a request on Velocity Facebook page and asked their fans to share travel related pictures of their beloved cats and dogs. The winner would be the face of Velocity Rewards and would get a substantial ammount of frequent flyer programs.

The company was overwhelmed with the response – over 3000 Facebook likes and over 650 shares coupled with thousands of content entries – and had decided to add two more categories to be rewarded, Top Dog and Top Cat.

The winners look extremely cute, and the company profited with huge exposure.

Allow your costumers a chance to help you with sensitive company matters, and you’ll get rewarded handsomely. No one can agree with this more than Lay’s potato chips…

Lay’s – Do Us A Flavor

Frito Lay’s, a potato chip company was loosing its touch with the millennials, and they knew that they had to do something about it. What they came up with was a campaign that increased sales by 12%, 5 million PR impressions and over a billion Facebook impressions for their app that was one of the most used brand apps in Facebook history.

They’ve decided to reach millennials where they gather – at Facebook. Lay’s has given them a chance to design the next flavor of the potato chips, and they’ve obviously had massive success, with 3.8 million submissions.

Carrie – Telekinetic Surprise

Would you be scared if people, tables, books and coffee mugs started flying around in your cafe? I know I would.

A Youtube video promotion for the remake of the classic movie Carrie was recorded in a New York caffee, with the guests consisting of mostly actors. When a regular costumer would walk in, all hell would break loose:

The video gained over 50 million Youtube views. The movie itself made a profit despite meek reviews, surely in no small part thanks to this brilliant video that went viral.

Oreos, timing is everything

For the cookie company Oreos timing proved to be crucial. During a power outing of the XLVII Super Bowl, they immediately tweeted out “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.

The tweet was one of the few positive ones, as you I’m sure you can imagine what kinds of tweets outraged football fans sent during the power outage. Oreos gained more than 16.000 retweets and 20.000 Facebook likes for a sole genius, spur of the moment idea.


Dare to be different. Dare to touch on peoples emotions. It might not always work to your advantage, but it’s certainly a good way to escape mediocrity, which is the only way to get ahed of numerous competitors. Take a lesson from these companies, and dare to risk. Its usually worth it!

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This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!


  1. It’s good idea you included more videos. I enjoyed watching on it. Keep posting.

  2. Loved the Carrie -promo video. It really did freak-out the unsuspecting customers.
    Some of the best advertising never focuses on the product. Instead they entertain or stir up emotions…thus bringing the brand into a favorable light with consumers.
    Cheers Anita!

  3. I agree Kelvin. I’ve seen other movies try the same now. Actually, the last one I’ve seen is that the TV show “The Walking Dead” tried a similar prank in NYC –

    I bet they freaked people out, and it only makes me question when enough is enough… did they cross the line or not?

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