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10 Superlative Ways to Generate Traffic of Email Subscribers

10 Superlative Ways to Generate Traffic of Email Subscribers 1 Comment

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If you are stepping into the kingdom of internet, we cannot neglect the importance of email and having subscribers. The absence of the subscribers will surely lead you in the dark. Email subscription means people subscribe to get the latest updates about new feeds on the websites, blogs, channels etc. Here comes the point that how you can retain these subscribers and can escalate the traffic. A simple boring email will not do enough. So, the email subscribers need to be entertained with some value additions, in order to add something more in their interest. For this, they should be provided with an intriguing package which makes them feel special. They should feel that they have landed on the right platform. Because the purpose of subscribing to the channel or to the website is to get the notification about the latest information uploaded. It is a trending technique forthe people who don’t have enough time for a regularvisit on their website or blogs.There are certain ways to make your subscribers fully interested and comfortable on the platform.People should choose the platform willing and also recommend it to others. We can easily build up a great number of subscribers by opting these few easy and useful ways.

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Curiosity is the strong inner desire to know about certain things. You must create the curiosity among the new subscribers because they are new to your website and are having some expectations. If you will not entertain your new subscribers properly from the start, they are going to lose interest. They won’t be having keen desire to know about the things posted on your websites and they may avoid your emails. It’s better to come up with a fascinating information related to your website, in order to create the curiosity among the new subscribers.

 True Information

If you want your subscribers to be loyal, then loyalty with them must be your priority first. You have to be transparent, if you want them to rely on you. Subscribers will only trust you when you will provide them with accurate and complete information about your website. Bestowing the authentic information is the salient factor to build credibility. This key element will ultimately generate a heavy traffic to your website.

Entertain with video

Entertaining through videos always leaves a long lasting impact on the users, instead of written content. It is always a better approach to make an amazing and intriguing videos to inspire the viewers. One thing you must be clear about is the relevancy of your videos. For example, if it is your target to make people aware about the spying apps like mspy phone tracker (the smartest app that is developed to monitor the children). You must be fore sure about your topic and the information you are delivering. Avoid the slang words and the inappropriate content for entertainment. It may cause the detrimental impact on the subscribers.

Show transparency about authority

Before subscribing to any website, we first look into the number of people supporting it. It is extremely essential to persuade the public about the number of visitors you have. This imparts in developing credibility.  It demonstrates the social proof and authority to the subscribers. This ultimately escalates the worth of email subscription.

Motivate people to forward your news letter

In order to generate a high traffic, it is significant to encourage people that they must forward your messages to their friends. You must try unique ways to encourage people instead of following the traditional ones, like sharing through social websites or adding an option “tell a friend” to your website. You can allow them to write their own messages and send them directly via online.

Leverage the QR codes

Nothing is useless in this world of technology, even the minimal things that may not portray their exact meaning at a glance. We people have seen a vague white and black design behind each and every product that is some info. This is QR (Quick Response) code. Therefore, businesses use this code to retrieve the info about any website that is stored into it. It is very pragmatic for digital marketing.

Offer special deals in your opt-in form

It is more difficult to retain the subscribers instead of creating the new subscribers.After a specific time period they look for new and innovating ideas and events to get motivated. It is very effective to create new intriguing offers that grab their attention. You can offer new contest for social media fans that they join and cause in the escalation of traffic. It is also very important to place the opt-in forms at the appropriate location. This cause in the building of links and helps converting the visitors into the subscribers.

Use lead boxes

Many visitors get irritated from the filling of opt-in forms. If you place the opt-in forms at a front page that might get your subscribers away from you. Using technical methods like lead boxes in the contest will dramatically give a positive vibes. This will indirectly alter the mind of the visitors and they feel vigorous while filling the form. We have seen many times a window that pop ups at the right side of your screen, when you move onto some website. This box appears when the visitor clicks on the desired images, texts, links or buttons.

Make the preview pane size larger

Many softwares and the mobile phones like Gmail, outlook and iPhone respectively, does not offers the full screen view of the email. Initial lines are only displayed as a snippet, rest of the mail downloads first that it will be previewed. But it causes a very negative impression and will create a difficulty for the subscribers, while forwarding the messages to their friends.

Remind the subscribers about unsubscribing

Succinctly speaking, offering the subscribers about unsubscribing is literally a very open minded approach. If you do this, the subscribers will surely bestow more attention to your messages.


This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!

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