Free Platforms You Can Use To Find Freelancers And Temporary Staff

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If you are looking to hire graduates who have just completed college or are looking for people who want a career change, a good place to start is to post available opportunities on online job boards.

These innovative platforms bring companies and candidates together and allow you to advertise for everything from temporary staff to permanent team members.

When looking for freelance or temporary staff, there is a wide range of platforms designed specifically to help you to find the temporary team members you need.

A simple online search will reveal lots of them but there is usually a catch – some of these websites require employers pay to have their jobs posted.

There is hope, though because there are lots of websites that allow businesses to post jobs and available opportunities for free. Below, we will look at some of the best websites where you can post a job for free.



Linkedin is arguably the biggest professional social media website. They have a jobs section where, after you are proven to be an employer or a hiring manager, you can post a job. Some of these postings come at a cost, but accounts are free. As such, it’s easy enough to post a status outlining the role you’re recruiting for and inviting applicants to get in touch.

People can then use their profiles to apply for the job or even send a cover letter and a resume. The platform is great for searching for temporary staff, as it uniquely combines social media and job forum. It is easy for candidates to quickly scan through and find short-term roles, so it could be a great way to quickly find the staff you need.



Sometimes, your business might not need a new employee, but it does need an expert to tackle a job. The internet can help here too.

LinkU is another amazing website where businesses can find local experts. All the experts on this website are vetted to ensure they are certified, insured and licensed. After posting a job, employers can compare quotes offered by different professionals and once they have chosen a preferred professional or business, they can sit back and wait for the job to be completed.

LinkU is mostly focused on helping you find local experts so you can have the job or project completed as fast as possible.



Indeed is a popular job site that allows businesses to post certain job listings for free. The platform also offers you the chance to promote your listing and get it in front of more candidates, meaning that you can adjust your approach as required.

The site hosts a wide variety of jobs from around the world and across the corporate space. As a result, candidates of all types will be browsing through Indeed for the latest listings, so you can find the perfect person to fill your role.



A free job board that hosts a wide range of different listings, SimplyHired has a very similar layout to Indeed, making it easy to use.

The platform splits each search into categories, including temporary, meaning that candidates can quickly navigate their way towards the temporary job postings and find the one they want to apply for.



Jora is one of the largest free job posting sites in the world. Even though it is based in Australia, it lets employees post jobs and workers apply for jobs regardless of where they are in the world. Jora lets thousands of employers post jobs on their website and it is completely free to do so.

All you need to do is register an account and you are ready to go. The website is very easy to use and you can even post multiple jobs at the same time. Jora reaches millions of job seekers so you can find the candidate who is the right fit for your company.



Mumbrella focuses on media and marketing and it is jobs in these categories that you will find on their website. Employers who want to post a job for free on this website need to click “Jobs” on the menu bar. On the page that opens, they should click on “post jobs” at the end of the first paragraph and then fill the job details on the next page that opens.

After adding details like the job’s title, location, description, and contact details, employers should click on “Post New Job” and then wait for applications to come in.



Jobs4Travellers is a job board website that caters to travelers and backpackers. The website also offers seasonal and contract jobs to locals, making it a versitile platform for any business.

The one caveat about this website is that even if you choose a free job post, then your organization’s details will not be revealed and the job will only be shown to the website’s members. If you want your job to be seen by many more people, you should consider a premium job posting, which offers a cost-effective way to advertise your roles and hire new team members.

Find Employees for Free

Finding websites where you can post jobs for free where millions of potential employees can see your job posting can be a delicate balancing act. This article shows you the best free online job posting platforms so that you can quickly and efficiently hire staff for your temporary positions.

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