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Is LinkedIn the Best Place to Find a Job as a SEO Consultant?

Is LinkedIn the Best Place to Find a Job as a SEO Consultant? 5 Comments

The SEO industry is becoming more and more competitive, no matter if you are looking for jobs in India or USA. Many SEO consultants are turning to LinkedIn to make their job hunt easier. But is LinkedIn really worth the effort if you’re in the field of search engine optimization? Keep reading to find out.

Finding SEO jobs in Linkedin

What Is LinkedIn?

On the off chance that you’re not yet familiar with LinkedIn, it is a social network similar to Facebook. Individuals can post their profile on the LinkedIn network, create status updates, and interact with other users like most networking sites, but LinkedIn targets professionals and is designed primarily to allow business owners and experts from various networks to collaborate and connect. The LinkedIn network currently includes more than 150 million professionals around the world.

The Advantages of Finding Jobs with LinkedIn

Networking opportunities, whether online or off, always have the potential to lead to job opportunities. Because of the professional focus of LinkedIn, getting job offers is even easier. Through connections, recommendations, and introductions, it is possible to directly interact with individuals who may need your services. Your LinkedIn profile is your resume, so potential clients can conveniently browse your experience and accomplishments. LinkedIn also offers job search options and allows users to submit their profile to apply.

The Disadvantages of LinkedIn to Find SEO Jobs

Every valuable resource usually comes with its share of downfalls. The primary complaint with LinkedIn is that the job search competition is extremely tight, especially for SEO consultants, but this is often the case with any freelance site or job board. It is also easy to slip into a comfort zone with coworkers and other close colleagues, forgetting the fact that prospective clients may see your conversations as well. Another disadvantage of using LinkedIn, or any other social platform, for job hunting is that it requires effort to build your brand and your credibility.

Is LinkedIn a Good Choice for SEO Consultants?

Regardless of how long you have been in the SEO industry, you already know that SEO consultants are promoting their services everywhere you look online. The LinkedIn community is no different. But with its professional reputation, LinkedIn is also one of the first places individuals look when they need an SEO expert. While the competition may be stiff, investing some time in LinkedIn each day is definitely worthwhile if you’re looking for a job. Another benefit of LinkedIn is that your available prospects come from a diverse group of industries, broadening your possibilities.

How to Improve Your Success

Whether you’re searching for short term freelance work or a permanent position as a SEO consultant, the best way to improve your chances is to make the most of your resume profile. Modify your profile address to something professional, typically a form of your name, and be sure to include your skills, previous experience, and any relevant accomplishments you have earned. Work on building your network, using your immediate connections to find new prospects and colleagues who can help you expand further.

What about LinkedIn Groups?

In addition to the job search feature and the ability to interact directly with potential clients in your network, LinkedIn also has more than 1.2 million groups with various levels of membership. LinkedIn groups are based on different professional and industry related interests, with a big portion focusing on employment opportunities in high demand fields, including SEO. Use caution when you enter into discussions within groups. These are essentially member created forum areas that may be subjected to spam so avoid any offers that sound too good to be true.

While there are a few downfalls to using LinkedIn to find a job in the SEO industry, particularly the stiff level of competition, there are also many advantages. Overall, it is worth the time and effort to build your LinkedIn network if you’re hoping to find work as an SEO consultant.


Written by Tatiana Segalao

Tatiana is a journalist graduate at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and master´s degree at the University Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain



  1. I’ve been offered loads of work as an SEO consultant through LinkedIn, it’s so important to be on it and look for the right type of work, but also just to grow the network on there because people will find you and ask your whether you’re looking for any work. Good shout.

  2. If you’re a SEO freelancer I think SEO is a must. I have gotten many long term clients via LinkedIn. Not only for SEO I know many web designers, software engineers who got jobs via LinkedIn. Definitely a must for any professional.

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