Five Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Business

Five Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Business 1 Comment
Five Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Business

There are lots of affordable ways to advertise your business in the digital age. However, finding your footing can be a bit challenging. Especially when it comes to getting the word out there for your small business. From hosting networking B2B events, to creating profiles on social media platforms, there are many avenues you can take. 

If you find yourself lost in the many affordable ways to advertise your business, don’t worry. We have put together a list of the five best ways to bring attention to your company without breaking the bank.

Social Media

Social media is not only affordable, but it is a great way to build a brand and relationships with customers. While most sites are free, there are many ways you can actually advertise successfully on the platforms. You can create a paid post for Instagram that can reach thousands within your target audience for relatively cheap. Not to mention build your own business profile to directly connect to your client base.

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Not every business can afford something like those million dollar, hilarious insurance commercials. That being said, social media platforms are a great, practically free way to go. 

Here are a few platforms you should consider for your internet marketing campaign: 

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • WhatsAp
  • Twitter

Not only can you build your personal brand through your account, but you can also have promotional content. Be sure to reach out to these companies about creating your advertisement, or building your social media brand.

YouTube Commercials and Channels

Along with creating social media platforms, one of the best affordable ways to advertise your business is YouTube. You can create your own YouTube channel for your customers to see updates, informative videos, and personal journeys. 

Creating a commercial exclusively for YouTube can also be extremely affordable. Their fees are relatively low. Not to mention they will choose videos that will align with your target audience using an algorithm.

For instance, if someone is looking at a DIY plumbing video, an advert for your local plumber may pop up in the ads. All in all, it’s simple and affordable. 

Create and Maintain a Blog

Your company website should definitely have a blog. Not only is it an affordable way to advertise, but it will allow your customers to have an insight into your company. For instance, big business insurance companies that have blogs will often post things like “Why You Need Insurance for Your Car”, or “Best Ways to Save on Your Monthly Bills”. 


Blogs offer a glimpse into the day to day events of your company, but also offer an amazing platform for promotional content and offers. If you don’t have a blog on your website, take the time to add one today for really affordable advertisements. 

Email Lists

Emailing lists are one of the most affordable ways to keep in contact with your client base, as well as advertise your business. It is free, and all it takes is having the email addresses of your clients. As well as their permission to join the email list. The only cost is the time it takes to write up the email blast and you have yourself a free advert. 

Community Building

Community building is definitely one of the most affordable ways to advertise your business. Not only to you get to network with other businesses and possible new clientele, but you also get to give back to your community.

Here are some ways to advertise through community building: 

  • Hold a local contest sponsored by your business
  • Sponsor a charity fundraising event
  • Participate in local farmer’s markets, parades, and community holiday events
  • Advertise with local sports teams and youth league sports
  • Hold an event with other local businesses

There are lots of ways to participate with your immediate community, while still having a successful advertising campaign. Not to mention associate the name of your business with helping the community.

There are lots of pros and cons of starting your own business. However, finding ways to advertise for free AND build respect within your community will be amazing for your company growth. 

Our Five Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Business Today

Whether you participate in community events, write a blog, or create content on various social media platforms, there are lots of affordable ways to advertise your business right now. Use these five avenues to generate more income and bring down your advertising budget today. 

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