Make Sure Your Sign is Seen! 6 Fantastic Locations for Out of Home Advertisements 

Make Sure Your Sign is Seen! 6 Fantastic Locations for Out of Home Advertisements  Leave a comment
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What are out of home advertisements ? The term is almost self-explanatory, as it indeed refers to advertising you would see on display outdoors, rather than ads you are likely to see indoors. This includes ads on your laptop screen or printed leaflets and flyers dropped through your door. 

What isn’t necessarily quite as obvious, however, is where you should position your outdoor ads for the best result. There are a lot of pros and cons to starting your own business, but when it comes to advertisements, these six fantastic locations can really help! Here are a few tantalizing ideas that could get you thinking.

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Your Company’s Location 

Entrepreneur insists that, when it comes to advertising, “any successful outdoor campaign begins with your own location’s signage”. It’s something a potential customer could notice especially easily as they approach your premises or even just walk past them.

You could also have an especially large degree of control over how this signage looks — so, you shouldn’t miss the chance to take advantage of this.

On Your Company’s Vehicles  

Does your business have its own fleet of vehicles for use in carrying out corporate responsibilities, such as delivering items or driving to the homes or workplaces of clients?

If so, you shouldn’t neglect to clearly display your company’s name, logo and phone number on these vehicles, as it would essentially constitute free out of home advertisements. Besides, those vehicles are bound to end up in many different places geographically.

On Billboards  

A press release published by PR Newswire claims that billboards offer “unparalleled large-format advertising” and “tremendous visibility to vehicular traffic as they reach both the driver and all passengers on their commute to and from work or while out shopping on the weekends.” 

You should particularly look to rent space on billboards located close to a workplace your company runs — whether that be its main base or another site, like a shop or satellite office, run by your business.

Busses and Bus Stops 

So, you could advertise on the bus itself — turning it into something of a moving billboard — or instead where people tend to wait to board buses. 

One possibility would be investing in street advertising onto which people’s eyes could inevitably wander — especially if these people know they have to stick around to avoid potentially missing the particular bus they need. 

Bridges Are Great Out of Home Advertisements

Advertising on (and near) buses could naturally assist you in reaching out to commuters. However, they could notice your out of home ads even more easily were they to be affixed to bridges. 

Marketing91 says that having advertising banners hung up on bridges “can be quite useful if your primary target group is the frequent travelers who follow the critical bridges in your areas.” 

Train Platforms

Of course, not all commuters necessarily get to their workplace by road. If your brand particularly wants to target affluent suburban commuters, you could investigate opportunities for you to place ads at platforms where trains regularly stop to pick up passengers. 

You could even opt to place ads only at specific railway stations where you know members of your target audience are especially likely to turn up on a regular basis. 

Out of Home Advertisements for Your Business!

Try these six amazing out of home advertisements for your business today!

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