Let’s play a little game. If you tell me what device you are using, I will guess who your best friend is. Don’t believe me? Okay, how many times today have you said “Ok Google” or asked Siri something? Probably every time you wanted to search for something online on […]

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2017 has been an interesting year for SEO. Google rolled out a new update that made mobile search the primary index; topical relevance has become the key to a modern SEO strategy; Google also introduced an intrusive interstitial penalty, forcing marketers to rethink their client strategy development processes. Now, that […]

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Modern SEO is not what it used to be back in 2000 or even in 2007. During only five or six recent years there were significant shifts in how Google treats websites, their content and links. Just take a look back at the most notable algorithm updates:   Panda in […]

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Optimizing your website for SEO is absolutely essential in an age where nearly all of your audience is online and all of your competitors are, too. But even if you think you are doing everything right, there are a few things that your SEO strategy could be overlooking. Learn more […]

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Photo: In the old days of the Internet, when content marketing was still in its infancy, keywords rule the digital world. The math was simple: all you had to do if you wanted to rank high in search engine results was to pick a few keywords and repeat them […]

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The statement “Backlinks no longer work” has been floating in the air for quite some time now, most probably because of Google’s Penguin Update in 2012. Nevertheless, even if Google have become more vigilant in tracking bad and spammy links, they still place great value in authentic, high-quality backlinks. Most […]

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Ever since its inception in 2003, WordPress has made great strides and currently powers more than 74 million websites including CNN, Mashable, New York Times, and Samsung, to name just a few. As a website owner, your foremost objective is to boost the speed of your website in order to […]

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Remember the days when SEO used to be so easy? All you had to do was get some directory links, some forum links, write a few guest blogs (the low hanging fruit) and then Poof! – You’re on the first page of Google. And then Panda and Penguin came along […]

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SEO is a fantastic tool for any webmaster hoping to make some money, and the most beautiful part of it, is the simple fact that it needn’t cost you anything. This means that even the smallest start up or loneliest entrepreneur can compete with the big guns and get their […]

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