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Fine Tuning Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

January 12, 2012 · 15 comments

in Social Media

Get The Most from Your Social Media EffortsSocial media marketing has become an important part of any successful online business. They are important for offline businesses as well, but critical to an online business. Because it’s a relatively new concept very few companies effectively use it in their marketing efforts.

Most business owners create their profiles in social networks like Facebook and Twitter and resort to posting updates about their product or service. You can get away with this if you’re a big brand but when small companies do this they look like spammers. Below are few things you can do to fine tune your social media marketing efforts and make you look awesome in social media.

Tracking Tweets, Likes and Clicks

You can’t fine tune anything without tracking, so this is a must in your marketing efforts. All the main social networking sites have plenty of tools to do this very easily. If it’s a Facebook page you can check the insights tab to get detailed information about your updates. You can see who liked your page and how the likes are increasing etc. You can see which updates are popular and post more similar updates.

Twitter also provides some basic information in the “mentions and more” tab. You can see who followed you, who re-tweeted your posts and people who have mentioned you. If you want tracking done up to link level you can use link shortening service that offers analytic tools. When you have these information you know which posts are getting popular, what is the best time to tweet, who are the power users more likely to tweet your content and much more information.

Scheduling Tweets, Facebook Updates

Once you have the data it becomes easy to target your audience. Once you identified the best times to post updates you can schedule them using a service like HootSuite or BufferApp.

However it is important to combine you social media data with your other data like sales figures. If you have more buying customers from Europe and USA it makes sense to target them, even though they are not the most responsive of your followers. It is a tricky balance and you will find the right balance only after experimenting.

Sharing Other Useful Information

To be successful in social media you need to attract people to your Facebook page and Twitter profiles. Best way to do that is by posting useful and interesting content. Just posting updates and information about your product makes you look boring and uninteresting. Instead post other stuff relevant to your niche. Your followers will appreciate this and recognize you as a source of cool information. They will start to share your updates with their friends exposing you to a wider audience.

It is important to remember that one re-tweet from a Twitter power user can bring you a flood of followers and it’s one of the best ways to increase Twitter followers. Great photography, funny quotes are some of the universally accepted things that can be used in any niche, so make sure to mix them up with your regular tweets. Another advantage is when you start sharing content of others they will also start to take notice. They will also reciprocate by sharing your content and this leads to more exposure. Social media is about giving, and the more you give more you will get.

Tracking Competitors, Keywords

Tracking competitors and keywords helps you find new opportunities and deal directly with potential customers. You might come across a tweet looking for alternatives to your competitors and you can introduce your product to that person.

It’s the same with keywords, as long as you are tracking them you can join the conversation and introduce your product or service. The key thing here is to add value and not to look like a spammer. A great way to find interested buyers without spending a dime.


There is no specific method to do social media marketing. It changes according to your brand presence, niche, followers and many other factors. The most important thing is to track your actions and modify the process according to the data.

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