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Re-Marketing Your Adwords Ads – A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

February 20, 2012 · 16 comments

in Business, Internet Marketing, PPC Advertising

Remember the feeling when you went on your first ever date? Sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences. Did you wish you had a second chance to make a first impression?

Uncomfortable date

Google Adwords Remarketing

With Google’s contextual advertising network Adwords, you now get the chance to reposition your advert to someone who has previously shown interest or as google call it remarketing your ads.

It works like this. If you have your ad on the Google Display Network and someone clicks your ad but doesn’t actually convert into a sale/lead you can choose to have your ad re-pitched to them. Not very intuitive in itself you might think. But let us say your visitor went through 4 pages before getting to the price and then exited, you can be quite sure that they left because they didn’t see value. You can then choose to show them a different advert, re-positioning your pitch to show the ROI they can expect. This is all done automatically and it is incredibly powerful.

Let Google Turn Your Visitors To Buyers

The visitor has shown interest and in order to close the sale, Google will virtually chase them until they surrender (or your ad credit runs out). It’s as if we had the following conversation.


Visitor: I like your product but your price is excessive.

Google: You might think so but here is the ROI you can expect.

Visitor: Ok that is fair, but it wasn’t engaging enough.

Google: Well look here, we have a community section where we constantly interact with our clients.

It’s like you have your own personal closer, one who will chase the sale for up to 18 months on your behalf.

The Process Of Setting Your Adwords Ads For Remarketing

The setup level is intermediate, first login to Adwords and click on “Control Panel And Library” under the list of campaign folders, on the left-hand side of the “Campaigns” tab. Then “Audiences” and “Create a New Audience”.

Next,  you pick a name and description for the list, and set the membership duration, then tags. I don’t know how you feel, but I wouldn’t like to be targeted for 18 months seeing the same advertisement, but be aware that you can set it that way if you wish.

Laser targeted advertising

How Google Adwords Remarketing Really Works

It really is laser-targeted advertising. The system will track their page views and see where they exited and base the next advert on their onsite behavior. Examples might be as such:

  • If they visited your pricing page then exited, you can show them an ad with their projected ROI.
  • If they read about the product but then exited without going further you can show them a competitor comparison ad.
  • If they visited the support section you could reinforce your commitment to customer service.
  • If they signed up to your opt-in list and then exited, you could show an ad referencing the mailing you will be sending them.

Hopefully you will now see the power of the system, you can tailor their user experience in such a defined manner that they can’t help but be impressed, it seems like all their queries are being answered without even interacting directly with you.

You are going to need to tailor the list so that if they visit your site a second time they are removed from the first list and entered into a second, otherwise they will be seeing the same ads when they have already been influenced by them.

The Google Display Network is more suited to image adverts rather that textual ones and re-marketing also applies to images so you certainly should utilize this option, especially if you are happy with creating and editing images.


You just do not get this kind of laser targeted accuracy with other advertising networks. Once someone has shown an interest in you, the chance to follow it up rather than lose the lead altogether is absolutely invaluable. With the system being in a relative state of infancy, you are going to be among a select few who are using it, giving you the necessary marketing edge.

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