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How to Use Templates to Repurpose Your Content

February 15, 2012 · 19 comments

in Blogging

Reuse contentHow much content do you have sitting on your computer or out there in the blogosphere? If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you probably have several folders of content on your computer building up. Maybe you’ve spent some money on some PLR articles or you have some of your own that you’re particularly proud of. Either way, it’s a real shame to let it gather dust and hide in the digital dark.

Why You Need to Repurpose Content

Don’t limit the number of people who see your content by keeping it in one form or place. Stretch it to its maximum length and use it over and over again in different ways. People want to hear what you have to say, and your message will be heard best if you expand on it and approach it from different angles.

If you’re worried about reusing your content, think of it this way. You are actually being selfish by keeping your ideas in one place. Why would you only deliver your great writing to one group of people? When your content is just sitting in one place, like a blog, its audience is restricted to the visitors of that site.

Repurpose for Extra Mileage

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your content for a new audience is to repurpose your articles into different formats.  Just by changing the perspective of your content, it will appeal to a whole new market that you may have left untapped. Not sure how to change the article perspective? Standard article templates and title swipe files can make this exceptionally easy.

Take a title like “How to Write an Affiliate Product Review” as an example.

Now take 5 different article templates and rewrite the article to fit each. Here are five examples of what that article could look like:

1.  Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Writing Affiliate Product Reviews

List the top 3 mistakes by taking some of the “how-to’s” from your article and turning them around. Then provide the solutions. This type of article is sure to appeal to people who are already writing product reviews or need to improve.

2.  Top 10 Tips for Writing Affiliate Product Reviews

Create a list of 10 tips from the article. Write a sentence or two about each. Then add a brief call to action at the end. Everyone loves the “top ten” template, regardless of what you’re talking about!

3.  Write Your Affiliate Product Review in 15 Minutes or Less

Organize your “how to’s” into very short steps. Make sure your explanations are brief and you cut out any steps that really aren’t essential. Don’t make the post take longer to read than the amount of time you’re promising in your title. Who doesn’t like an article that promises to save them time?

4.  A Newbie’s Guide to Writing Affiliate Product Reviews

Another form of “how-to”, a newbie’s guide should break down everything into the most basic steps. If you had more complicated terminology or techniques in your original article, explain them or write alternatives here. You could even divide it up between newbie tactics and advanced tactics and come up with two different articles that will appeal to both audiences.

5.  Writing Affiliate Product Reviews – 3 Easy Shortcuts

Pull out the 3 most important steps from your “how-to” and suggest tips or tools that will make them faster to do. Just as with time-saving, people want an easier and faster way to get their work done.

You get the picture?

The same article can be written dozens of different ways to give it new life and purpose. You might need to add more information or take some out. Use different examples and most definitely reorganize it. But there’s nothing wrong with that. While one version of your content may appeal to one type of person, another version will attract an entirely different group of readers. What an easy way to expand your market!

Of course, this is just the beginning. Start combining a variety of articles on related topics and your options increase exponentially.

Try it out. Take one of your articles, whether it’s PLR or something you wrote yourself. Then pick one of these title templates and rewrite your article to fit the template. Now you have another piece of content to use on your website, blog or anywhere else. Have fun with it!

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