Your Blog – How to Make Search Engines Love It

Your Blog – How to Make Search Engines Love It 10 Comments

Look up any topic, and you will find thousands of blogs devoted to it. It seems like virtually everyone in the world is sharing their thoughts and opinions on a blog. And, all that competition can seem to be a little overwhelming – especially if you are new to the blogging game.

But, by following a few simple tips, you can get some much-needed love from search engines – and help make your blog stand out above the rest!

Google love

So, what do you need to do to make the search engines love your blog?

      1.Focus on the right keywords

Search engine love doesn’t mean much if you are targeting over-saturated keywords. Ideally, you need to target keywords that have high monthly searches and relatively low competition.

Luckily, you can find everything about keyword research that you need by using Google’s free keyword tool. After all, what could be better than getting the numbers right from the mouth of the world’s largest search engine?


       2.Hook ‘em with a good meta description

A meta description is the little blurb that appears on the search engine results, underneath the link. Google admits that it likes it when website owners pay special attention to their meta descriptions, because it makes it easier for them to provide the most accurate search results.

Because all search engines keep their algorithms secret, No one knows for sure if a quality meta description can actually boost your ranking, but it can definitely help get more traffic once you’re higher in search engines rankings. Write a good one, and more people will be inclined to click on your link!


     3.Don’t forget the links

Links are what make the world wide web an actual “web”. Without them, your blog will be lacking a key component.

And, don’t just link to other people’s websites. Be sure to link to your own website, too. By having a bunch of internal links, you are showing search engines just how focused your blog is – and you are making it easier for the search engine spiders to crawl, and eventually, index, your website.


     4.Focus on great content

This is a step that often gets overlooked when people start trying to grab the search engines’ attention. People get so wrapped up in keywords, meta descriptions, and layouts that they forget the #1 rule of running a blog – to provide readers with interesting, thought-provoking content. If you are not doing that, all the other tips will not make a bit of difference!


      5.Talk to other people!

Don’t forget about the “social” part of social media. Blogging is an inherently social channel which is meant to engage people. People don’t have relationships with websites, they have relationships with people. So what does this means? Go out to other blogs in your niche. Comment on them. Link to them. Make some noise – get out there and get your voice heard! The more you are out there, the more you will appear to be an expert, and the more people will link to you and visit you.
Authored by Kirsty LaVier

Kirsty LaVier is the editor of Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.


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