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How To Choose A Product To Promote

How To Choose A Product To Promote 4 Comments

The first thing you should do is to choose a niche that you believe that it could be profitable. I suppose you wouldn’t like to waste your time and energy advertising products and services without making any profits.

If you need to generate profits fast, then I suggest you start out promoting e-books. Instant delivery and high commission rates make e-books an ideal product to market on the internet.

A good place to begin with your research is Clickbank. Try to find products that pay at least 50% to affiliates and with more than 60% of total sales made by affiliate marketers. The top 10 products of each category or sub-category are typically the most popular products so at the beginning you should start from there.

To be sure that the product you promote will give value to your prospects you should always buy it because it’s really difficult to promote a product without knowing its advantages and disadvantages. Another reason to buy the product that you promote is that you can use some small parts of the e-book in your review and show people that you have actually read the e-book. In that way, they will trust you, and it will be easier to convince them to buy the product.

Another important thing you should do is to make sure that the product you promote has a decent Sales Letter that converts visitors to buyers at a high rate (It should be at least 3%). Listed below are some features that a sales letter should have to convert well.

Four Features Of A Decent Sales Page:

  • 1. The title of the page has to be in big, bold letters and state the major benefit. It should instantly capture your eyes focus and show precisely “what is actually inside it for you.” The first paragraph must clearly state what you will learn by reading the entire content of the page.
  • 2. The sales page should be neither too long neither too short because if it is too long visitors will get tired and leave the page, and if it is too short it will not give them enough information to convince them that it worth their money.
  • 3. The page should never offer too many bonuses. Bonuses create an irresistible offer inside the customers head and make it too good to refuse. On the other hand, if bonuses are too many it might seem too good to be true and look like a scam in visitor’s eyes.
  • 4. Always make sure that there is a motivation to “take action now”. A limited-time offer tends to create fear and worry to the customer that he/she may miss an opportunity if he/she doesn’t take action right away.(for example, a limited-time discount or limited number of products, etc.)


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