The Top Link Building Strategies For 2017

The Top Link Building Strategies For 2017 22 Comments

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The statement “Backlinks no longer work” has been floating in the air for quite some time now, most probably because of Google’s Penguin Update in 2012. Nevertheless, even if Google have become more vigilant in tracking bad and spammy links, they still place great value in authentic, high-quality backlinks.

Most SEO’s would even agree that links can be the #1 ranking factor if it comes with great content. That’s why I asked some of the most popular SEO bloggers and experts what is their top link building strategy for 2017.

I’m sure you can pick up a strategy or two from them so you can get links and establish the authority of your site.

The Top Link Building Method For 2017

Tom DremersTom Demers – Digital Examiner

I think the most effective link building methods for 2017 will be pretty similar. Building an asset (typically long-form content or a data visualization), doing link prospecting, and conducting outreach continues to be an effective way to get links.


Jitendra Vaswani – Bloggers Ideas Jitendra Vaswani

My strategy for link building in 2017 would be going for top authority links that my competitor is making. I will go with some gigs selling sites like Fiverr & gigs and see what kind of links they are selling. You will get a lot of ideas for link building from there. I would focus on quality links from sites which are relevant to my niche. Relevant link building is a very important factor here for ranking & also I have seen some top SEO experts hide their backlinks for their money sites through HTA Access. So I would say if you are making high authority backlinks make sure that you block the crawlers from crawling these links except Google crawler.

Recently I came across the site which was ranking on 2nd position for a competitive keyword and had only 3 backlinks according to Ahrefs. That site was hiding their top backlinks, so I think if you are working on niche sites hiding backlinks would help you.

Also go for scholarship link building method too because you can get big backlinks from .edu sites. These are high authority backlinks in eyes of Google.

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Marie HaynesMarie Haynes – Marie

While there are many ways you can build links, I still love the clients for whom we can build great content and then promote it to get people to link naturally. For example, for one client we built a simple tool that really helps people in the industry. It’s been getting great traction and is not only attracting links but also bringing in new clients.


Reginald Chan – Reginald Reginald Chan

Guest posting on authority sites. Super big sites such as Entrepreneur, Mashable, Forbes



Joshua MackensJoshua Mackens – Tutelary Marketing 

PR. When you’re looking to build and sustain a long-term brand (which most SEO’s should be in the business of doing these days) you can’t beat PR for backlinks. If you do it correctly these are mentions you will get from incredibly authoritative sources with major link juice and totally white hat.


Nate Shivar – Shivar Web Nate Shivar

Developing relationships with freelance writers who need authoritative information for their work.


 Seth WilliamsSeth Williams – RE Tipster

Outside of writing the occasional guest post and linking back to my site when it’s relevant – I don’t spend much time or effort throwing links to my website all over the internet. Instead, my goal is to create engaging content that changes the lives of my readers and viewers. This strategy doesn’t produce immediate results, but over the years as I’ve been active, people have learned that they can trust me because I have their best interests at heart – even when it doesn’t provide any financial benefit to me.

By taking this approach, many people have been kind enough to link back to my site without any prompting from me. Furthermore, over time, my site has become an authority for many search popular search terms, because I legitimately do provide the best free information on the subject.

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Anil AgarwalAnil Agarwal – Bloggers Passion

Write highly informative content.

There’s no other link building technique works great other than writing great content that solves your audience problems. Just make sure you are writing as informative content as possible. Short articles won’t cut in 2017. If you want to build a profitable blog and if you want to attract as many links as possible, write highly epic content.

That’s how you can build more buzz online with your blog.

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Marcus MillerMarcus Miller – Bowler Hat

A fundamental problem with most link building efforts is the backward and unnatural way that they are approached. Businesses want to rank for a specific term. Link builders want to place links with those keywords to the home or service pages of these businesses. The natural web does not work like that. And sustainable and effective link building needs to tap into the natural web.

The way we tackle this at Bowler Hat is to create content pieces that support the business activities of our clients. We then build links with natural, relevant anchor text to these content articles using digital PR and guest posting.

Let me give you an example of an upcoming project we have at Bowler Hat.

We are developing a small business PPC product to enable professional PPC support for small businesses without mega budgets.

To support this we are creating a small business PPC guide.

Our link building campaigns will then concentrate on talking about PPC for small businesses. We will do this via digital PR like HARO and guest posts on highly credible industry sites.

We will aim to link back to our homepage with a branded link and ideally have a link to our guide which expands on the topic of the blog post. This link to the guide will contain the anchor text we want to rank for.

As an example consider we wrote a guest piece about keyword research for small businesses we could easily work a link to our fully fleshed guide as:

We go into much more detail on keyword research and the complete process in our small business PPC guide. (where “small business ppc guide” would be linked)

This is a safe, sustainable strategy. We are creating content on highly visible sites. Then linking to an article on our site that expands on the context of that article. This link helps Google understand the content on our site and more importantly enriches and improves the linking page.

That is the bones of the strategy that worked in 1997, 2007, will work in 2017 and will likely work in 2027.


Erik Emanuelli – No Passive Income Erik Emanuelli

Guest blogging works like a charm for me. I know the benefits are more from a relationship point of view, but the links added in my guest posts are a plus.


 Dave SchneiderDave Schneider – Ninja Outreach

Publish massive, Ultimate Link roundup style articles featuring at least 20 to more influencers. Promote the post heavily on social media and email outreach. Don’t just notify the people mentioned. Look for other people who might be interested in promoting the post for you and featuring it on their websites, such as those who have blogs or those who wrote or shared articles about the same topic before. It’s easy for us to find these relevant influencers and people using our prospecting and outreach tool, NinjaOutreach.

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James Norquay – James Norquay

Top link acquisition tactic for 2017 is going after links which are quality and drive traffic. These links could be on a high-value supplier page or resource page. Find these links by mining competitor link profiles. You can do this by using Majestic or Ahrefs. This strategy is decades old and still works. Another popular strategy is to reverse engineer-author bios on high-value affiliate blogs. Just google the author bio name and mine the results.


Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph – Blogging From Paradise

My top link building method is guest posting *but* the “link building” part is secondary to building friendships with top bloggers. If you guest post to have fun, to help readers and to make friends with successful bloggers you will have little effort building a score of links. I guest post daily on Blogging Tips and usually publish a few Huffington Post guest posts weekly too, in addition to various other blogs where I guest post. Super simple way to do what you do on your blog but for a different audience, helping you leverage your presence and get some sweet links.


Simon Penson – Simon  Simon Penson

I would look to influencer partnerships as a key tactic for the coming year. With larger sites now moving away from linking it is the growing blog category that offers the very best opportunity to develop relevant and trusted links. But with more and more people looking for it you need to be more creative than ever to win. This is where partnership ideas, events, and more inclusive joint ventures can really work well, as you get buy-in from the very beginning.


Jason AcidreJason Acidre – Kaiser the Sage

It really depends, as there are also sites that are in industries that don’t have that much link opportunities. Although, content is one of the best reasons you can have for other sites to link to you – so it should really be the core of any link building campaign.

That’s why focusing on content-based outreach tactics is still my favorite method for this year.


Albert Mora – Seolution Albert-Mora

My favorite strategy for 2017 is link building using sites with authority. Nowadays it is much better to get a few links from authority sites than thousands of links from irrelevant sites. This does not mean that we have to be satisfied by getting a few inbound links, but that we need to be very careful when developing our link building strategy. Apart from these quantitative elements, there is a qualitative element: the “trust” or “authority” of a domain. Searchers have more confidence in some domains than in others because they know that those domains offer quality content, spam control, how long the website exists… that makes links from such domains added value to the recipients of these.
Our goal is not to get hundreds of links from authority sites (as this requires great effort), but we will use the following criteria for selection:

– Clearly, those need to be “achievable” links, avoiding the pages where there will be materially impossible to get a link.
– Let’s focus on the links of higher quality, for which we will later use Open Site Explorer or ahrefs.
– The theme of the pages must be related to your website

In most cases, we must be aware that getting these quality links is not an easy task; that means that we will make contact with each of the owners of the sites where the links are posted and we also should convince them to link to our page. For this reason, we always insist that the starting point is having high-quality content on our website, this will facilitate our goal.

We will establish an individualized and personalized communication with each of these webmasters, without using automated spam solutions.

You can see more details of this technique in this link building tutorial

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Colin KlinkertColin Klinkert – Serped

My top two link building methods are:

1) Skyscraper Content

Ignore the power of content at your peril.

When it comes to link building in 2017, a thorough, well-researched content aka ‘Skyscraper Content” is my first bet.

A Skyscraper content helps you build links in two ways:

a) By reaching out to people or businesses you mention in the post
b) By reaching out to people who have written a post on the same topic

For one of our recent articles on blog post ideas, we followed the above two steps and earned few good backlinks. But, link building didn’t end here.

To our surprise, few other bloggers and writers who found the post helpful, they linked back to our post in their new posts.

The essence is, people tend to link back to the content they find super valuable and full of action items. You don’t need to persuade them.

2) Expert Roundup Post

Readers love reading to experts opinion. This is why expert roundup posts generally receive high response and readership.

If executed properly, an expert roundup post can earn:

a) Good numbers of backlinks,
b) Exposure to a new audience (and new traffic)
c) Higher number of social shares

Here are the stats of one of the recent roundup posts that we did:

a) 22 fresh and unique backlinks
b) 3400+ new visits
c) 970+ social shares

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Bas van den Beld – Speak With Persuasion Bas van den Beld

My top link building method for 2017 would be to hire a (good) PR expert. Link building and outreach are hard. As someone who gets approached a lot to place links, I can see people are struggling. They don’t know how to approach someone. They don’t understand who to target.

A (with the emphasis on good) PR expert knows who to target and how. They understand ‘what’s in it for them’. And they will know how to craft a message.

Outreach is an expertise, link building is part of that. Do the job right.


Max Prokell – Venta Marketing Max Prokell

Our top link building method is more of a mindset. We are pushing our team and clients to do stuff that matters, and then we have a plan to promote it to the audiences that care. In 2017, there is so much content and noise Online. In order to generate engagement, sharing, links, etc., you have to focus on building something that will stand out from the pack. If you dig deep enough, all businesses have a story, experience, or knowledge that can be positioned in a way that people will want to engage with their content. The hard part is to identify that core element and create content that is excellent. The story, presentation, content, design, and development, which we call the asset, have to be excellent, or it will fail. Our goal for creating assets pulls from the Moz approach of 10x content. We aim to build something that is 10 times better than anything else Online. If you do that, then engagement, sharing, and links are much more likely. After that 10x asset is created, we have a plan to promote the content to people that care about the content. Notice I say, people, not websites. Yes, we want a link on a website, but at the end of the day, people are what build links, not a website, so our approach to asset creation and promotion is focused on the people that build the links and engage with the content, not the just the website.

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Nirmala – WP Glossy Nirmala

Guest Blogging is my preferred link building method. It not only helps me to build the links but also getting new readers to my blog.

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JaneJane Sheeba – Savvy Blogging Tips

My top link building method is to participate as much as I can in interviews and round up posts.

Of course, that wouldn’t stop me from creating awesome content that will help me with automatic link building!

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Chris Dreyer – Chris Dreyer

Editorial Link building is one of the most effective strategies I’ve seen to date. Getting links on prominent news or other journalistic sites can be a huge win for SEO especially if they are dofollow. Here’s why:

1. Sites like these (i.e. USA Today, Forbes, Huff Post, etc.) are extremely trustworthy and authoritative in the eyes of Google.

2. Link anchor text can often be chosen by the person submitting the article.

3. Links are often positioned in ideal places on the page (i.e. right within the main body of an article as opposed to a footer, sidebar or some low-traffic page).

4. These are links that your competition has a much harder time getting because you cannot just submit articles to these organizations and get links. You have to have some kind of connection.

Although editorial links are much harder to get, they are much more valuable than a lot of other low-hanging fruit out there.

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Ashwin RameshAshwin Ramesh – Synup

Guest Blogging + Outreach



Rafi Chowdhury – Rafi Chowdhury.comrafi

One of my favorite ways is to do link exchanges. I first link out to someone. Then, I email them and let them know that we have mentioned them. Finally, we send them a piece of content a different site of ours and ask them to link back to it because the content we published would be resourceful to their audience. We leverage the reciprocity rule and it works very well! 🙂


Atish Ranjan – Tech Tricks World Atish Ranjan

A few Top link building Methods are:

1. Taking Part in Roundup
2. Get Interviewed
3. Create the content that bloggers love to link to. This is also known as Link Earning!
4. Find broken links and try reaching out to the site owner and suggest your link. This can be tough but worth of your hard work if you get a link from some authority sites.
5. Profile link building can be done in which you can create profiles on bigger sites, and there place a link to your site if they offer website option.
6. Try becoming an author of big websites like patch, blogher, Wn, etc. and post your articles. There you can include one of your natural links in that.

There are many other ways but these are quite popular nowadays. I am also applying these methods and doing pretty well. Here I have mentioned a few good ones that I am working on=>


Nisha Pandey – SEO Techy World and The Tech Point Nisha Pandey

1. Asking for backlinks
The simplest of strategies, you can ask for backlinks from anyone who has a page that is relevant to your website. It can be anyone, including your clients or friends who have a site or blog that has something to do with what you are offering. Then there are many people online who would be eager to exchange links with you.

2. Start Building Relationships
If you already have good relationships in place, it’s great. But it is never late to start. It will be best that these relationships are niche-relevant. There are many communities to start from, including social media groups, blogs, and forums.
You can initiate the connection by contributing relevant and valuable comments. This can help you get closer to people who matter in your industry and thus get to a stage where you can get good quality backlinks.

3. Creating High-Quality Guest Posts
Guest posts have been the staple of backlink seekers for a long time. And they are relevant even in this age as long as you are creating high-quality posts.

Make sure the blog/site is relevant to your niche and that you deliver high-quality organic content that isn’t just about promoting your own brand.

4. Directory Listing
Don’t just list in any directory. Make sure that you choose reputable directories which are not delisted from search engines. Look for directories that allow you to post your link while providing valuable information to your potential visitors.

Industry-focused directories are also perfect for posting links to your site. This will make it easier for your site to get indexed in the top search engines.

5. Analyze Competitor Backlinks
Analyze your competitors and you can come across common backlinks between them. Remember, if they can get them, you can too. There are tools that can help you get info about common backlinks.

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Peter Attia – Meet Edgar peter attia

One tactic I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately has been for Modernize, which had an unexpectedly positive outcome for the business. They’re in the home remodeling space and recently we started interviewing large manufacturing brands and posting it on Modernize’s blog. These large brands jump at the chance to be interviewed, as it’s a way for them to brag about themselves. In turn, they usually repost the article on their own blog and link back to us or share it on their social channels.

However, the one thing we didn’t expect, is it helped our sales teams with their pitches to bring on new clients. Larger brands were getting excited by the idea of having dedicated pages on the Modernize site and the sales team started tacking it on as an offer in their pitch decks. Also, these interviews softened up the brands and allowed our sales team to reach out afterward and pitch them our actual product; turning them into customers.

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Rajesh Namase – Techlila Rajesh Namase

SEO is all about experimenting. Sometimes we get results and sometimes, well, you have to keep trying. We keep testing different things like guest posting, forum link building, posting on question-answer sites etc. Apart from that, we follow link building techniques like those mentioned in this article:

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Mary Bowling – Ignitor Digital Mary Bowling

Building your brand within your local market area by getting in the news for good things, sponsoring local causes and getting listed on local and hyperlocal sites.



Todd Bialaszewski – Tract Leads 4 Movers todd-bialaszewski

Pick up the phone and call people. Build relationships and the links will follow.


Bishal Biswas – BishalBiswas.comBishal Biswas

1) Blog Comment.
2) PBN.
3) Guest Post on authority sites.


Venchito Tampon – Sharp Rocket Venchito-Tampon

Guest blogging, broken link building, link reclamation, scholarship link building and resource page link building on Edu sites


Fili WieseFili Wiese – Search Brothers

Building links for converting traffic is the only successful method of link building in 2017. Any other approach, such as building PageRank passing, money anchor text links is a waste of time at best and likely to put both sites, the one linking from as well as the one being linked to in harm’s ways due to Google Webmaster Guidelines violations.

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Fabrizio Van Marciano – Magnet 4 Blogging  Fabrizio-Van-Marciano

I’ve never really paid much attention to link building in the past, and my website has done reasonably well in terms of rankings and SEO.

However, for 2017, I’m very much focused on creating more quality content that will hopefully get noticed. I love the fact that people will naturally link back to my articles from their own articles, with mentions in expert roundup posts, interviews, case study articles, video content etc.

I truly believe if you want to build some quality links to your site and get noticed by influencers, you’ve got to pay attention to your content, because if your content is poor or shabby, no one will be interested in reading it let alone linking back to it.

Link building doesn’t have to be tedious or time-consuming, if you’re smart about your content, people will give you backlinks on their own terms.


Casey Meraz – Juris Digital  Casey-Meraz

My top link building method for 2017 is broken link building. While I don’t just stick to one method of link building the one that I have had the most success with is creating very strong content pieces around a topic and making it the best out there. Instead of just leaving those pieces to die a slow death we do significant research to figure out who might link to it because they were already linking to a similar resource that is no longer live. We contact these prospects with a compelling message and have a lot of success doing so.

I think the days of taking shortcuts and trying the “easy” things are coming to a rapid end. Doing great work can produce great results.


Sarah Lively – Marketing Lively Sarah Lively

The top method I plan to execute for acquiring quality references in 2017 will be reconciling brand mentions. I’ve found solid success metrics when reaching out for these because the brand is already being mentioned and discussed. I’m careful to only reach out when the site is clearly linking to other external domains, and 9/10 they just forgot to include the link.


Kristoffer Howes – Weal Media Kristoffer Howes

To encourage others to reference your content in the form of a link, your contributions must be more than relevant, they must provide real value as well. Your goal should be to produce content that, in addition to providing important information to the audience, delivers a memorable experience; one that can be easily and favorably recalled in the future. Using this approach encourages others to recognize and appreciate the real value your content provides. In doing so, they are more likely to share the experience with their own fans, friends, and followers.

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Jon Haver – Authority Website Income Jon-Haver

One of the link building methods I have used in 2017 is the 301 building block strategy. This is the process of buying a domain relevant to the money site I am creating,  that already had traffic before it got put up for auction. Once we have the domain, we build it up to how it use to be and once the rankings come back I redirect the site to a relevant article on my money site.

Joel Klettke – Business Casual Copywriting Joel-K

Conducting primary research, like surveys, is a great way to generate stats and metrics others will use when writing about that same topic. You can share the results on your site, write about them, and then disperse that information to the community at large to become a reference point.


Sujan Patel – Web Profits Sujan-Patel

Build relationships. You never have to build links ever again when you make friend all the top bloggers and influencers in the industry. When you do this, they reach out to you when they’re writing an article and ask for your feedback or a quote.


Brian Massey – Conversion Sciences BrianMassey

Our most successful strategy is a solicitation by email in which we pretend to be a former employee of a Nigerian bank, and promise millions of the bank’s money to the reader if they give us a backlink. 🙂

Our second most successful strategy is crafting awesome, complete answer content.


Awazie Ikechi – Awazie Ikechi Awazie

Guest Posting is my Top Link Building method in 2017. Being able to share your message with authority niches and reach a new audience is just awesome. Apart from getting quality links from these authority blogs, you get to reach new audience who will be interested in your message.

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Nicholas Scalice – Earn Worthy Nicholas Scalice

My top link building method for 2017 is responding to HARO inquiries. If you’re not already familiar with HARO, it’s a free service that stands for “Help A Reporter Out.” Basically, you subscribe to daily emails, and they send out a list of requests from journalists looking for quotes from experts. If you reply to just a couple HARO requests per day, you’ll be surprised at how many backlinks you can generate over time. And these are high-quality backlinks from credible sources for the most part.


Muhammad Ahmad – Meet Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad

I believe in Link Earning most of the time. Have the best content, make use of social media and once you get exposed, you’ll start getting links from authority sites.

But, for link building, I like two methods: Guest Blogging & Sky Scraper Technique.


Moosa Hemani – Setalks Moosa Hemani

One of the top link building ideas that I am using for my clients to get high-quality links in 2017 is scholarships (I call it scholarships, up to you whatever you want to call it). The idea is to simply add a page on your website where you are giving a decent amount of money to one or multiple students that will help them with their education if they qualify your criteria (whatever your criteria are…).

And then, reach out to relevant universities and let them know about your scholarships and they probably will update on their university website (which make sense) and you, as a result, can get a link pointing back to your site.


Krystian Szastok – NewTide Digital krystians zastok

It’s definitely link reclamation. It obviously works best when you work with a big brand, but there are so many low hanging fruits, you shouldn’t do any outreach or other link building for a big brand until you tried to reclaim the unlinked citations. This should also be part of an ongoing campaign.


Sean Smith – Simple Tiger Sean Smith

My favorite types of links and favorite method of acquiring those links have remained the same for the past couple of years – high authority publication links gained through creative writing and genuine outreach and article pitches.



Andy Crestodina – Orbit Media Andy Crestodina

Publish original research. This is by far the one format that gets linked to the most. The ideal research is something that supports a frequently made claim in your industry and includes content creators in the dataset.

For example, if you make apps for the travel industry, do a survey to find out how many travel apps the average travel blogger has on their phone. Then include contributor quotes from travel bloggers in the research article.

Now you have something worth linking and you are the primary source. And content creators who would be likely to link to it are aware of it. It’s hard to do, but do it well and you’ll attract links organically over and over again. It’s a very powerful tactic.


Adam Steele – The Magistrate Adam Steele

In 2017 I have found editorial links to be making a huge splash. A lot of the sites that I previously believed to be far out of reach, we are getting links for our clients on daily. Forbes, Adweek, Techcrunch, and more. We’ve made a lot of fantastic relationships with these outlets, and in turn, have earned the opportunity to pitch exciting stories. Best of all, because Google puts so much trust in these big outlets, we’re really moving our client sites. In fact, I don’t remember a time in recent history (last 5 years) where I’ve seen such reliable gains. I suspect this has a lot to do with many of these editorial sites being slightly out of reach, and harder to scale. I’ve always subscribed to, if it can scale, Google won’t like it.

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Ken Lyons – Measured SEM ken-lyons

My #1 link building tactic for 2017 is to develop super simple, free tools for a specific niche or client industry (like ROI calculators or data scrapers for example), where there’s already proven demand for a particular tool (based on back links to similar tools and demonstrated search demand). If you’re able to build something even remotely useful that actually works, it’s relatively easy to get links back to that tool from sites that link to similar tools or sites that publish resource link roundups. And you don’t need to be a developer to build these tools. You can hand these projects off to dev resources from a freelancing platform/marketplace like Upwork and get them done pretty affordable, depending on the complexity of the tool. And if you know/track what you generally pay on a per-link-basis, these projects can be very cost effective from an ROI perspective.


Lilach Bullock – Lilach Bullock

Some of the best ways to build high-quality links in 2017 include two main ingredients: 1, great content and 2, a strong influencer marketing campaign. Start by creating the kind of content that people will want to link to – such as in-depth guides, informative infographics, videos and so on. Next, start connecting with relevant influencers in your niche and growing relationships with them. As these relationships evolve, you’ll start getting more high-quality links to your blog and website from top influencers, which search engines love.

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Well, there you go…

These are the top link building strategies of some of today’s top online marketers. They have truly shared some valuable insights for both marketing experts and a casual website and business owners alike.

Let me know in the comments section which method you like best and if you have your own suggestions!


  1. One thing I was glad to see in this roundup is the diversity of methods.

    SEOs have a tendency to “kill things” – especially working tactics. The fact that most of these folks mentioned varying tactics is a good move IMO.

  2. Nice collection for newbie bloggers. They will get lot of SEO strategies for 2017 here. Thanks for including me here with these top notch bloggers. Hope, they will find my tips useful for their link building 2017.

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  4. Hi Kostas,

    Fab round up.

    As with all things online – and in life 😉 – simple wins. Simple is powerful. Help people through your blog. Make friends by promoting other bloggers and commenting on their blogs. Seize guest post invites. You will attract ample links in by GIVING freely of your energy and knowledge. The strategies matter not compared to the energy or intent behind your actions.

    I guest post to give, not to get. Mainly 😉 So the getting – links, traffic, subscribers, comments, profits – grows easier and easier as the giving comes from a more fun, loving, detached space.

    Thanks for sharing my thoughts, and for sharing the post bro 🙂


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