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7 Steps to Making Any Video Go Viral

7 Steps to Making Any Video Go Viral 14 Comments

Founder of Maximizer e-Services, a company providing quality link building solutions through manual directory submission and social bookmarking.

Make your video go viralIn the world of social media, video is king.

It’s very hard to get someone to share an article; but people are more than willing to share an entertaining video.

A top notch video can help you get more attention, help convey a message and help build your brand.

If you’re creating a video for social media, these seven best practices will help.

#1 – Focus on the Beginning

Anytime someone opens a video, the first thing they’re going to do is ask themselves: Is this worth watching?

The first few seconds of your video are crucial. Make sure they catch attention and convey what the rest of the video is about. If possible, make it entertaining as well.

#2 – Fun, Moving or Educational

Viral videos should either be fun, moving or educational. Ideally, it’ll be all three.

The Kony 2012 video is a prime example of a fun, moving and educational video.

Say what you will about the veracity of the video; but if you looked at the video strictly from a social media perspective, it’s clear that the video has copious amounts of all three factors. That’s why the video did so well so quickly, racking up tens of millions of views.

#3 – Keep it Short

While it’s possible to make a 30 minute long video go viral, the vast majority of viral videos are very short. They’re usually between three and six minutes long.

Don’t try to use your video as your main sales tool. Instead, use it to hook attention, deliver a jolt of entertainment then send people to your website, where you can sell them further on your brand.

As you’re editing your video, keep asking yourself: What can I cut? Look for bits that aren’t truly necessary and cut them out.

#4 – Know Your Main Points

You should have only between one and three main points. Figure out what these points are before you start filming your video.

After watching your video, people are going to walk away remembering just a few things. In a month, people are really just going to remember one or two things. As the video’s creator, you need to consciously choose what these things are.

Hammer these points home throughout the video. The only exception is for videos that are strictly entertaining. If you’re trying to be inspiring or educational however, always state your main points again and again throughout the video.

#5 – Ask Yourself: Would You Share It?

As the video’s creator, it’s natural for you to think your video is the greatest thing since sliced bread. That doesn’t mean everyone else will too.

Watch your video again and ask yourself: If you didn’t know who made this video, would you share it with your friends?

Ask a few of your friends the same question. Remember, a video can’t just be good for it to get shared. It has to be amazing, it has to truly stand out and be spectacular.

Look at your own web browsing behaviors. How many websites and videos do you browse each day? Dozens? A hundred? And how many do you share? Likely just one or two. Other people are the same.

Your video has to literally be the best thing they’ve seen all day if you want it to get shared. If it’s not yet, put some more work into it until it is.

#6 – Speak Authentically

There’s a certain “click” to videos that are spoken from the heart. People feel it, people resonate and people can sense that it’s real.

If you’re ever in doubt about what to say, just ask yourself what would be most authentic. Communicate from that place of authenticity and people will listen.

#7 – Tell Them What to Do

After watching your video, what should viewers do?

Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to call their congressman? Do you want them to buy a certain product? Do you want them to go on Facebook and hit “share?”

Don’t just leave the next step up to your viewers. Tell them explicitly what you want them to do.

If you follow these seven practices, your chances of hitting home with your viewers and going viral are much higher.

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Founder of Maximizer e-Services, a company providing quality link building solutions through manual directory submission and social bookmarking.


  1. Video is a viable mode of communication for you and your audience. A message in video is better than in text, more special, and more viewers. It’s easy to start but need some attention. Agree with you beginning is crucial. Thanks for sharing important points.

    1. You’re most welcome. Exactly. Videos, Infographics, Images serve as a bait to catch the attention of our audience. However there are a few silly mistakes/points that everyone makes which leads to the message not getting across in an effective manner. Hope this post addresses most of them.

      1. Exactly Sameer. This info will help to avoid all these mistakes.

  2. Excellent post. As I am just getting myself into video these are key points to remember even if it doesn’t infect the net. Must keep continuity and entertainment at the fore front.

    Thanks for your insights.


    1. You’re most welcome Rick. The more we keep on trying, the more we get to learn. However one thing that’s important is too avoid deviating from the core message what we need to convey through the videos.

  3. I think you’ve presented excellent points to help increase views on videos, not so sure about your promise of going viral. There’s a informative TED Talk presentation by Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s Trend Manager about why videos go viral and he has a different take, especially in the type of videos that create that kind of reaction.

    1. You’re most welcome. We would love to hear your success story.

  4. Excellent points and beautiful video.
    I’m starting with videos and I find that what has helped me a lot is researching what are the blog titles that attract more attention and make a short series of videos on this very blog.
    This video is made by professionals , for a beginner ti is not easy to arrive at this level at the same time it is an example to share and show especially for the beginning.

    1. Thanks for that. That’s an extremely good strategy you adopted while starting with a new video. Basically to sum up its a case of trial and error. The more we research, the more points we will come to know and thereby can direct our video on the right track. Half-done work/research will always lead to poor results.

  5. Video marketing has great potential to help your business. People have a natural tendency for watching interesting videos, so a good marketing video could make all the difference to your business but your video should have some aspect that is completely novel, refreshing and defines you. Thanks for all efforts you put into this great post. Such a delight to read this post.

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