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5 Free Online Survey Tools and How To Use Them

5 Free Online Survey Tools and How To Use Them 5 Comments

Conducting online surveys can be a great way to find out what your customers really think about your products and services. However, it can be quite a bit of work. The good news is that there are plenty of free online tools to help you build and administrate your surveys. Here we will look at 5 of the most popular online survey tools and how you can use them to your advantage.

Survey Monkey

With Survey Monkey, what you get is a no nonsense online survey tool which can be used effectively by companies of any size who are looking to collect a large amount of data.

It is one of the better known survey tools and has a reputation for being fairly reliable. It is not in any way a premium service, but it offers all of the basics you might need, including :

  • a keyword search feature
  • question logic add-ons
  • security features
  • see results in real time

The one downside to Survey Monkey is that the basic (free) level of membership only allows for you to include a maximum of 10 questions in your survey and you can get only 100 responses.


In terms of the editing tools offered by online survey tools, dotSurvey has, in my opinion, one of the best. Creating your survey is effortless with the drag and drop WYSIWYG building tool offered by this free online survey tool allowing you to edit in place to create the survey you need. You also have the option to change the overall theme of the survey to best suit your branding. With dotSurvey it is even possible to schedule your survey ahead of time and automate it to end on a chosen date. The dotSurvey online tool also offers in-depth reporting and data analysis. You will have the ability to look at who has seen the survey, where they come from and even how long they spent completing the survey as well as much more. You are even able to condense all reports into a single easy to follow PDF file.

Google Forms

If your survey needs are fairly small scale, then one of the best options available to you might be Google Forms. This is a totally free options which offers you unlimited use for as many surveys as you need – with enough space for in excess of 1000 responses. You can customize your survey with themes and it is very easy to embed the finished survey in an email or onto a website. Google Forms is accessed via Google Docs and offers a wide variety of options when it comes to visualizing your collected data.

Survey Expression

Another popular free online survey tool is Survey Expression. This tool allows unlimited surveys and questions, but unless you upgrade to a paid option you are limited to only 200 responses per survey. Surveys can be built using 18 different question types including :

  • Various styles of single choice
  • A selection of multiple choice options
  • Free form responses
  • Display only text, image or spacer
  • Free text matrix
  • Drop down menu
  • Side by side matrix

Survey Gizmo

With Survey Gizmo, you have the opportunity to either create a new survey or choose from a selection of predefined themes. You can also use a template from the library. This is unusual for a free account as most online survey tools reserve their templates for paying members. Another nice feature is that you can preview the various question types offered and you can define your reports to make analysing your collected data much easier.

Once you have chosen the online survey tool that is best for you, it is time to get your survey out there. When used correctly online surveys can be very revealing. Just make sure that you have a solid strategy in place. Understand what you want to achieve with your survey and keep it fairly short and simple. The best time to deliver a survey as at the point of service so keep this in mind when setting up your survey. There are plenty of tools out there to help you create great online surveys and to analyse the data they collect.

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  1. I haven’t tried any of these. I might try this one day and see which one will work for me perfectly well.

  2. I have found SurveyMonky to be the best one of the bunch. I have also heard there are a few free plugins that can get the job done as well if you have a wp based site. Thanks.

  3. SamDaniel says:

    No, I would recommend SoGoSurvey or I have taken surveys from SoGoSurvey and I had a wonderful experience with them.

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