Secrets of a Killer Blog Post : Content

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post : Content 4 Comments

When it comes to operating a blog that your audience can really connect with, one of the key elements is creating good quality content. Your content must not only be unique, but it should also be fresh, useful and engaging. Each time you create a new blog post, you should be asking yourself what the purpose of that post actually is. The best content will solve a problem, answer a question or provide information. It should be evergreen and show your audience that you are a credible authority on your chosen topic.

All of this may seem like a lot to ask, but thanks to a new infographic title ‘Secrets of a Killer Blog Post : Content” (source) you can break it all down into a few easy to manage points. One of the first areas that the infographic focuses on is choosing an appropriate topic. It goes without saying that your blog posts should be relevant to your niche, after all you want them to prove that you know what you are actually talking about!

The question is, where do you find inspiration for your blog posts when choosing topics. One great piece of advice offered by the infographic is to look at where your audience is active. You should know who your target audience are, so the next step is to find out where they spend their time online. Are they participating in Twitter chats? Do they belong to LinkedIn groups focused on a particular topic? Spend time interacting with your audience and see what they are talking about. If you notice that many of your demographic are voicing frustrations over the same problem then it would be well worth putting together a blog post that will offer a solution to that very problem.

When your readers know that they can expect you to provide them with solutions to their problems, or some valuable information then they will come to regard you as an authority that they can rely on and that will keep them coming back to read your posts.



  1. Hi
    Nice Informative infographic, Original Content is the key for Success but most of bloggers these days copy post from other site

  2. Thank you for the article! The article was very informative. The list!

  3. I love your Infographic.

    Sounds a lot like trying to find the “Perfect Niche” for starting a website, or
    producing a new product.

    If you relate things to your niche topic, and try to write from your own perspective,
    and you can create something interesting in print, then it is likely that you will
    do okay with your blog post.

  4. Thank you for the article! The article was very informative. The list!

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