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SMO for Coupon Code Websites – Sections that your Facebook Fan-page must have

September 14, 2011 · 6 comments

in Social Media

Working as a SEO and Internet Marketing analyst for coupon codes websites, I’ve personally observed that, at times, traffic coming from Facebook or other social networks can yield much better conversion rates as compared to the traffic coming from search engines. But regardless of the conversion or the number of visitors coming from these mediums, having a Facebook Page for your discounts websites can serve in more than one ways. It boosts your credibility, allows you to get the feedback from your targeted users, and a strong social media presence can also push your website higher in search engine results page.

Many businesses make the mistake of treating Facebook business profile/pages just like an individual profile. All they do is making an account and then they keep updating their “walls” with the latest updates and notifications related to their websites. As a result, their Facebook page becomes a notice board for their website, and fails to serve any other purpose. The truth is that Facebook can offer a lot more for businesses, especially with the introduction of i-frames. Now, you can practically have a mini version of your website with a customized welcome page and many different pages, each serving different purposes.

Following is a list of some basic and must-have pages, if you are looking to initiate a Facebook page for your discount coupon website (or any other type of website for that matter).

  1. Welcome Page:

Welcome page serve as the landing page (though you can set any other page as the landing page). Welcome page is the first impression, and something that distinguishes a business page from an individual profile. A good customized welcome page can go a long way in branding and alluring visitors to like your page. And just because it is called welcome page, doesn’t mean you should put a colorful “welcome” and the job is done. This page effectively work as a one page broacher for your website, therefore, it has got to be visually attractive, simple, yet elaborative, and most importantly, persuasive.

  1. Discussion Page:

Discussion page (also known as Wall) allows visitors to discuss your services or anything else related to the topic (i.e. savings, discounts, or special offers). Such discussions will keep the users coming back even when they are not looking for a particular discount. There are apps that you can install to let the users have real-time chat with each other, or you can opt for the standard form of discussion. Remember that just having a discussion page is not enough; you will have to initiate intriguing discussions and lure the users to take part.

  1. Special Offers:

Special offer section at any website is often the most visited section of the websites. If you are running a coupon code website, majority of your coupon codes or discount deals will be available on other websites as well, however, if you can get in touch with the businesses and negotiate for some exclusive offers for your members, it will prove to be the icing on the cake. You can add these deals to the special offer section on your website, and augment by adding a page to your Facebook with a glimpse of these deals.

  1. Hidden Content Page:

Hidden content pages are used to entice more users to like your page. The reward (hidden content which is revealed once the user has clicked on the like button) doesn’t need to be huge, for a coupon code website, hidden content can be some of the most sought-after codes from your website (e.g. 123inkjets coupon or 4 inkjets coupons) or it can be some simple text based content or videos. The idea is to trigger the intriguing instinct of the visitors, but because users are not paying anything, they wouldn’t be expecting some hefty rewards in any case.

  1. Polls Page:

There are applications available that let you create opinion polls and derive valuable information from your visitors, without really making them to go through extensive surveys and questionnaires. Having some polls added to your Facebook page will let you garner some valuable input from your targeted users, for example, their preferred ways of getting alerts and notifications, later you can use this information to improve your services and boost your revenues.

Image credit to jaycameron

Written by Misheal Rome

Misheal Rome works for, which is a discount coupon website sharing all types of discounts and coupon codes, like 4inkjets or 123inkjets. Feel free to avail some of these discounts by visiting 123 inkjet coupons and coupons for pages.

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