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Don’t start without a plan, but pick a plan already!

Don’t start without a plan, but pick a plan already! June 14, 20114 Comments

There is an enormous number of people searching every day for ways to make money online – in fact, I’ve built my entire online business on it.

Sometimes though, you have to just accept that you don’t know what you are doing and jump in anyway. This post is about one of the single biggest barriers which stop people from being able to make money online; Too much planning.

First of all pick a plan

You will not get far at all without a plan. If you start a blog to make money and just keep on blogging blindly you will soon get fed up and give up; if you start trying to do affiliate marketing, you will need to figure out who your audience will be and how to find them.

In short, you need to pick one of the many online business models that are available to you, and you need to figure out in your own mind what your plan is. Once you have a plan you can start to figure out the smaller steps you need to take and set milestones for yourself so that you know where you are going and so that you stay focused.

Hurry up and choose!

Ok, so we have established that you need a plan… Like I said above though “There are many many strategies open to you”. So what’s the best way to make money online?

The answer is simple and complex, because really there is no right or wrong answer. I know many successful (and some extremely successful) internet marketers, and oddly enough, not one of them uses the exact same business model as any other. Turns out, you can make any sound strategy work really well; and you can fail with any strategy too.

So what is the secret?

Well hard work in short. One of the guys I mentioned above only works a couple of days a week, and spends the rest of his time driving round in an Audi R8, or relaxing on exotic beaches; but just a few years ago, he was working a full time in one job and full time on his online business at the same time.

If you pick a decent strategy and make sure you constantly improve what you are doing, you can make it, but until you pick a plan and stick to it; you’re going to just sit there in procrastination mode.

The Best peice of advice I could possibly give anyone wanting to earn an income online is a simple warning: Many people spend years looking for the perfect online business model, but it simply doesn’t exist (well, ok facebook is one example, but that was one in a million).

I used to be in this school myself, and then one day I realised that people all around me were making money using strategies I had already tried and given up on. Now I have a strategy and after a lot of hard work it is starting to pay off… I know there is a lot more hard work ahead though.


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  2. It is always to make plan before starting any business so we will be guided with every decision and employ the appropriate strategies. A well-made plan is a key to success. Just make sure not to mix in any inaction.

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