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Is It Worth It To Hire A Professional Web Designer?

January 18, 2012 · 13 comments

in Internet Marketing

Hiring a web designerWhen needing a website, many people ask themselves whether they should hire a professional to design their site or tackle it alone. With all of the free busines, blog, ecommerce templates and other resources online, it may seem that designing it alone is a better option than going to the expense of hiring a professional. However, there are many other considerations than the cost of having the website created by a pro.

The “return on investment” factor

Hiring a professional will certainly cost more up front than creating it yourself. However, that isn’t the only cost involved. Consider this common scenario: prospective customers and clients see your website and notice that it looks like one of the multitudes of sites created with free templates. It doesn’t look professional and it doesn’t have any of the virtual bells and whistles that buyers now expect from the sites they frequent visit. They leave and go to a site that does look professional.

When you consider that this will likely be a common occurrence when your website isn’t professionally designed, you begin to see the real costs involved. The cost to your business over time will be far more than you spent to hire someone to design your website. The return on your website creation investment continues to pay over time and is unlimited. The loss of customers that may leave when they don’t like the look of a website is also unlimited.

Facing the online competition

The web is now so crowded that virtually anything sold or advertised online has an enormous amount of competition. Your prospective customers or clients know this. They know that if your site doesn’t strike them as a professional one, they can simply go elsewhere. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is the best it can be. Anything less simply doesn’t cut it in today’s world.

Adding to the competition factor is the trust factor. With so many websites out there, people are wary of which sites they can trust. Doing business with a company depends a lot on how professional that site looks. If there are mistakes on the website or areas that look less than professional, this is a red flag to many people. They don’t want to get taken, and they exit the site as quickly as they can to avoid any problems. If the site looks thoroughly professional, with each page instilling confidence, even a new and unknown site will feel like a safe place to do business.

The perils of the homemade site

If losing out on countless customers or clients isn’t bad enough, you must also consider what you stand to lose personally. If you aren’t a pro at website creation, you may spend weeks trying to learn everything that is necessary to create your site. And after all of that time and trouble, the site still won’t have everything it needs. You will have wasted an enormous amount of time that could have gone to your business.

If you let a professional fix your car, reroof your home or deliver furniture, you know how much time and trouble it can save to hire a professional to handle something important. Why is the creation of your website any different? Remember the future return on your website creation investment, and you will have no trouble seeing how important it is to hire a professional to create it.

While it may cost more at first, and it may seem difficult to justify, it’s usually best to get a professional to create your website. However, you don’t want to throw your hard-earned money away, so be sure that the person you choose does great work, is worth what they charge, and comes with a contract to protect you if you aren’t satisfied with their work. If you put a little research into choosing a designer that is a good match for you and your new site, you’ll get the product you want and set up your site to be successful.

Written by Thomas Hathaway

Thomas Hathaway is a financial consultant and content contributor to, a site to get instant loans when you’re short on cash and need a little help.

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