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5 Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without as an Online Business

November 15, 2011 · 1 comment

in Internet Marketing

Online businesses are a very common thing these days as technology has taken a huge leap. However, running a successful online business is not an easy task. You need to be aware of all the applications and tools you can use to modify your websites. If you are running an online business then you need to be well-versed with online tools. Not all tools are necessary but there are some set of tools that you need to keep under consideration.

To run your online business successfully, you have to be a pro with tools. There are few online tools that are a must-have – not because they look good but because millions of website owners have used the same and are highly successful today. Here are some tools which should be on your must-have list if you want to work professionally as an online business owner.

Keeping track

An online business is highly service oriented; one needs to have an invoicing system which is tracking software. Invoicera is the most popular tracking and invoicing software which can provide you with professional invoices to the clients who work with you. One can keep track of the time spent on doing the projects productively.

The face to face deal

Having Skype has become a very important thing in life. With Skype, one can talk face to face with the client and get the deals done more effectively. Sometimes, it is not easy to deal with clients from across the world. One should have a communication tool to keep in touch with their clients. Skype is the best option.

Versatile and efficient

WordPress is the most trusted and efficient tool every online business owner should have! It is always good to have a website which tells your company’s background. WordPress enables you to write blogs. Also, they help in making content writing and editing easier.

The base of everything

Basecamp is the central place for systemizing and keeping track of the projects your clients are dealing with and also the remarks of the same. Life is easier with Basecamp. Basecamp makes life a little less troublesome and helps you keeping track of your client’s dealings.

Manage the documents

Google Docs are a must have when it is about online businesses as they make it easier for you to keep in touch with the team members you handle. Google Docs is a great tool for collaboration and helps in team building. You can update lots of files on it on a regular basis and share it with your team members too! It becomes fussy to update a word document or an excel sheet every time. Sticking to Google Docs is the most convenient way to save, upload or update your on-going work status. Google Docs are surely a saviour!

If you are running an online business, always remember to use the right tools as success comes with the right methods and strategies. Choose the right tools and make your online business flourish. After all, work is worship – so do it right with the apt tools!


Written by Martha Remano

Martha is a freelance writer for Smarta. Over 500 free business plan templates, to help you start a business


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