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Review Of Zulutrade Auto Trading Service

January 16, 2011 · 31 comments

in Forex Trading

Zulutrade ReviewMaking profits on Forex can be very difficult for someone who does not have in depth knowledge of the intricate mechanisms that govern the rise and fall of global currencies.

In this case if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that forex has to offer it would be advisable to try a forex auto trading service and Zulutrade is for me the best and most reliable choice.

So What Zulutrade Auto trading Service Is?

ZuluTrade is a platform that offers forex trading signals from real traders (not robots) where you can choose which signal provider (real human trader) you want to follow based on their trading history with real live data (including spreads and even slippage of their followers) not just back tested. Additionally you can see how many followers has each signal provider and how much money he/she manages.

The process of trading on Zulutrade

The process of following these signals is automated, they called it peer to peer auto trading which means that when a signal provider makes a trade the same thing happens to your own account (of course you can set specific parameters for each signal provider which means that you can have a limit to the orders you accept or set your own stop loss and take profit for each trade).

What is The Cost of Using Zulutrade Auto trading Platform

Zulutrade is actually a free service so you don’t have to pay anything to open a live account.

You may wonder how Zulutrade makes money.

The answer is simple, to open a live account on Zulutrade you have to open an account with a broker thru Zulutrade (most reputable and popular brokers are available) so when you trade through their auto trading platform, zulutrade gets a rebate which means that they take a part of the money your broker gets on each trade, it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Forex Trading it’s Not a Game Even if You Use an Autotrading Service Like Zulutrade

You should always remember that trading on Forex (actually at any financial market) is risky and the least you have to do if you want to take advantage of Zulutrade auto trading service is to make a research and find out the best signal providers that fit to your own trading style.

How to Choose a Zulutrade Signal Provider?

There are more than 20,000 Signal providers on Zulutrade so you certainly have a lot of options to find which signal providers fit your trading style better. To choose from all these signals providers the ones that are the best for you, Zulutrade uses a ranking system based on their own algorithm but in order to make your own research they give you plenty of data for each signal provider, below is an overview of these data…

zulutrade performance table

Profits Over time: You can see how many pips each signal provider has gained over time.

Trades: This is the number of closed trades each signal provider has executed through his/her trading history

Average pips/trade: This is the average number of pips earned or lost per trade

Winning Trades Percentage: It’s actually the percentage of winning trades of each signal provider

Average Trade Time: This is the average trading time per trade

Running Weeks: The number of weeks the provider is trading

Maximum Draw down: This is the maximum drawdown through the trading history of a signal provider in pips and as a percentage to the total profits

Worst Trade: The worst trade in Pips

Best Trade: The best trade in Pips

Max Open Trades: This is number refers to the maximum open trades in the trading history of each signal provider

ROI: This is the ratio of money gained or lost on this account relative to the amount of money invested annualized

Followers: The number of Zulutrade users who follow the trading signals of each signal provider

Necessary Minimum Equity: This is the number of minimum capital you need to have in your account based on the trading history of the signal provider in order to minimize your risk

Amount Following: The total balance of Live accounts (real money) following each signal provider

Additionally zulutrade provides a variety of graphs where you can see the monthly profit or loss of each signal provider, their monthly trading volume, drawdown through time, their followers slippage with a comparison of all the brokers, the currency pairs they trade and the feedback of zulutrade users who have followed this signal provider.

Zulutrade Signal Providers Graphs

Zulutrade Signal Providers Feedback

I would suggest you after you choose the signal providers who fits your trading style (you can choose to receive trades from multiple signal providers) and before you start trading thru them to a make a research and see what is the slippage of other traders who follow those signal providers based on their forex brokers (they give that kind of data for each signal provider).

When you finish your research and you find out which broker has the less slippage for these signal providers you can open an account to this broker thru them (most reputable brokers have partner with them) this will minimize the difference to the performance of your account and the signal provider’s.

(Tip: Zulutrade has its own broker AAAfx which is fully integrated into Zulutrade which means that there are no delays on the execution of your signal providers signals to your account. This means more profit and less slippage  because prices can change so fast that every second can mean earning $ 1 or $ 100 profit depending on your capital. Additionally they will give you a 10% bonus on your initial deposit.)

Being an economist and a professional forex trader the last 5 years I have used ZuluTrade for more than one year and a half and I have really made a lot of profits thru them, even though I still execute manual trades it has significantly reduce the risk of trading for me since having your eggs in different baskets reduce the anxiety of trading and the mistakes caused by emotions.

You can check  Zulutrade to see how easy it is to use and how much profits you could make by opening a free demo account you have nothing to lose.

Below is a video review of Zulutrade where you can see how this unique free auto trading service works…

(A review From

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