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9 Things Bloggers can learn from Spammers

November 18, 2011 · 2 comments

in Blogging

Ask any blogger out there and they’ll tell you how much they hate spam. Still, just stop to think for a moment. Why do spammers still manage to garner all those eyeballs that we want? Are they doing something right that we are not realizing? Before you laugh, just hear us out.

Spammers make money online. In fact, they make a killing; close to $ 2 million a year selling fake stuff to people. You don’t have to borrow their ethics, certainly. But tell us; aren’t you just a wee bit curious to know exactly how they do it?

1. Copywrite Your Own Material

There was a time when one could easily recognize a spam email and relegate it to the Junk folder. Nowadays, people wonder if the spam filtering engine made a mistake. Why? Because the spam email looks and reads so well.
What it all boils down to is great copywriting. It’s not that spammers write terrific English. They are just smart enough to couch their message in the right copywriting techniques.
What do you learn from this? Great looking copy is just as important as a great offering. Crappy copy makes the world’s best product look idiotic. The combination of great copy and a great product, aided by an already established positive reputation will do wonders for your business.

2. Build A List Of Subscribers

Spammers love email newsletters. They use cleverly worded, beautifully designed newsletters to charm their victims. All you have to think about is this; if a spammer can do it, with his or her dubious claims and not-really-there products, why can’t a legitimate business like yours do it?
What do you learn from this? Email campaigning is still a major money spinner, still a fabulous way to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. If you’re not doing this, you’re losing out. Build a permission-based list of subscribers who have opted in to hear from you.

3. Get More Subscribers

Spammers send their emails out to millions of people. They don’t enjoy great conversion rates; in fact, their conversion rate is less than 0.0001%. But here’s where you need to pause to think. 0.0001% of several million is quite a good conversion rate.
What do you learn from this? Numbers matter. The more subscribers you have, the greater your chance of increasing your earnings, even with your present conversion rate.

4. Don’t Give Up Till You Achieve Your ROI

Spammers don’t give up. They will send out emails from different addresses, knowing you’ll junk each one of them? Why? Because those 0.0001% members of their list won’t junk them. Spammers will contact 100s of websites every day and put their messages out. Then they’ll follow up with responders and network with via social bookmarking sites. Yes, their comments will be ignored for the most part and they have to keep trying all the time but that’s what they do.
What do you learn from this? Just don’t give up your focus and determination.

5. Charm Your Audience

They flatter, they compliment, and they make you feel happy that they took the time to notice you. Bloggers try to filter out spam but let’s face it. If you have 100 great sounding complimentary comments on your text, wouldn’t you just retain them?
What do you learn from this? Use words to your advantage in every social conversation. Learn to make people happy you stopped by.

6. Be Disciplined

It’s well known that most home business owners lack discipline. Take a leaf out a spammer’s life. They put in unheard of hours and manage to try and grab your attention continually morning till night, day after day.
What do you learn from this? They’re conmen and you’re not, but you can still put away your lazy attitude. Be disciplined; don’t let precious time waste away while others make money.

7. Let Your Message Be Clear

When they say something, spammers use few words. They know people may spend two seconds on a spam message.
What do you learn from this? Two seconds are enough if you use 5 words to say what you’ll normally say in 5 sentences. Get your point across without boring people.

8. Use Automated Tools

Spammers too, sleep and eat and spend time with their family. So what’s the secret? Automated systems.
What do you learn from this? Be everywhere. Be system-driven. Know how to duplicate efforts.

9. Go After The Big Spenders

Spammers target niches that contain large spending populations. These niches are; cosmetics, luxury items, healthcare items, computer protection software and so on.
What do you learn from this? Be sure your target only profitable and large niches and never mind the competition. Don’t focus your efforts on tiny niches that are almost invisible.


Written by David Smith

David Smith Is a freelance writer for landing page and conversion optimization Company that helps business in increasing conversion rate for their online marketing campaigns.

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Fatima Hipolito November 21, 2011 at 10:58 am

Wow this is really great and to be honest I’ve got something idea now, those tips was really useful..
Fatima Hipolito recently to become an animatorMy Profile


tushar November 21, 2011 at 5:32 pm

one thing i like about spammers is their perseverance. they never feel low and never loose confidence and keep on spamming after bloggers hardly approve any of their comment
tushar recently posted..The All Time Favourites Blog Debates- Time to End it?My Profile


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