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10 Tips To Build Your Email List Using YouTube

March 26, 2011 · 20 comments

in Affiliate Marketing

Are you using YouTube to increase your web site traffic,
drive sales and build your email list?

If not, then now is the time to get started with videos on YouTube.

Video is huge online! Consider these statistics about video:

* YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google

* 18-34 year olds watch more videos online than they watch TV

* 71% of online users are watching videos (that’s more than
social media)

The popularity of online videos makes them a perfect
marketing tool to drive traffic to your site and build your email
list. What’s more videos create a personal connection with
viewers. Your videos develop trust and credibility with
prospects, resulting in increased sales.

Videos accelerate relationship building – the exact goal
you try to achieve with email marketing!

Face it, video and email are a perfect team!

So how can you start using video to build your list?

1) Create a welcome video for your web site

2) Upload interesting videos regularly to YouTube

Getting started with video is easier than you think thanks
to YouTube. YouTube allows you to upload any video you
make so you can share it on your web site, in your emails,
with your social networks and on YouTube itself.

With YouTube, you do not have to have a web host to house
and stream (play) your videos. All you have to do is make
videos and upload them to YouTube. They’ll give you the
code to then place that video on your site.

Follow these 10 steps to building your email list with
videos on YouTube.

1) When uploading your video to YouTube, in the description
box list out your full URL. You should put the URL as the
first text in the description box. When you place your URL
first in the description, YouTube turns the URL into a live
link so people can click over to your web site.

2) Keep your videos short and simple – under 2 minutes. If
you have more to say, break up the videos into a series of

3) Make your Title and Tags keyword rich so your videos can
be found easily.

4) Be sure to check off that your videos are public when you
upload them so others can view the videos.

5) Share your videos on your social networks. Inside
YouTube they have an option for sharing, be sure to activate
the option.

6) Search for videos related to yours on YouTube. Evaluate
the related videos to find the most popular. Then post your
video as a video response to the related popular video. This
strategy can dramatically increase the number of views your
video gets.

7) Be consistent and upload new videos regularly to
YouTube. Newer videos get better promotion by YouTube.

8.) Content is king! Videos have to be interesting to be
effective. Create a variety of different types of videos –
educational, demonstrations, reviews, testimonials, spoofs –
just don’t be dull!

9) Engage viewers and peers. Respond to feedback about
your video and moderate negative comments. Reach out to
other video creators. And when possible tag people who
appear in your video so your video is shared on their
Facebook pages as well.

10) Get it done! With videos it is better to get started and
create something then make it perfect. Stop being camera shy
and worrying over every detail. Just go out and do it!

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