The Penguin update affected many small business websites since its inception this spring. Webmasters may receive a back-link warning email from the Google Webmaster Tools. Others hurry to research the update and adapt their SEO strategies as to not be hit by the changes. The changes prompted many to review their SEO and diversify their links.

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Let’s face it, Google is a monster. It is a beast that controls 80% of search engine activity. It’s not the 800 pound gorilla, it’s Godzilla. When it talks… GODZILLA DID WHAT? Once again Google has changed the playing field and this time it’s a little scary. · In March, […]

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The web has blurred lines of geography and concepts. Blogs are often termed as articles and keyword research is akin to market research. Ask any SEO expert, and it causes a splitting headache when they need to explain to a client that there is a thin line dividing keyword search […]

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Everyone knows that PPC marketing is a good option for driving traffic to an ecommerce website, but many business owners make the mistake of assuming that Adwords can’t help their local business.  This means that they’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities. Google Adwords can be of help to […]

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If you have a business, you cannot ignore the need for search engine marketing or SEM. SEM is the process of marketing your business through technologies and media in order to drive traffic to your website. In addition to incorporating many aspects of SEO, such as targeted and long string […]

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Many website owners use Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or AdWords, to generate revenue for their site, but do not understand how to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns. Google makes it very easy to users to set up an AdWords account and start a campaign, but it can take a lot […]

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