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Using Facebook and Twitter for Marketing

Using Facebook and Twitter for Marketing 16 Comments

Using Facebook or Twitter for marketing is one of the latest trends as we enter the twenty-first century. Many marketing firms realize this and therefore invest a lot of money into Twitter advertising, knowing that it is particularly easy to gain the attention of a younger generation through advertising.

In the 1980s and 1990s, marketing companies would often target teenage magazines and youthful magazines to get a large amount of advertising out to a large demographic of people. Companies would also print advertisements in newspapers because, at the time, many people were reading newspapers on a daily basis.

Research has shown, however, that one of the first things that people in the 21st century do every day is not read the paper or a magazine but instead check their tweets and direct messages that they have received from Twitter to see if any friends have contacted them. With millions more joining every year, companies have to resort to the newest advances in social media in order to keep pushing the advertising button through the technological age. It will be interesting to see if the amount of marketing for younger people will keep up as fast as the change in technology over the next fifty years.

Twitter has been one of the best ways for people to connect with friends, coworkers, and family, but recently advertisers have been pushing hard to promote business on the website. Twitter has a unique ability to feature ads through tweets without being too intrusive on the overall online experience. While it may seem ridiculous to completely abandon all print, many companies are focusing the majority of their advertising budgets on Twitter marketing – and rightfully so considering the sheer number of people that are on Twitter throughout the day.

Also, marketers are able to take information from Twitter users and present particular messages to consumers based on their Twitter activity. For example, if someone lists that they like baseball on their Twitter page, a company that focuses on baseball advertising can use that information to target ads to that particular consumer. This is helpful because it will directly target an intended audience and will present a specialized message for that potential customer.

Twitter is also helpful for marketing in that the majority of Twitter users are college-age users, generally in their twenties and thirties. This age group is more likely to be spend money on growing trends, and more likely to respond to trendy advertising.

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  1. Totally agree with the idea that companies are moving heavily in to social advertising. And while I agree that print advertising is not going away, I believe is it definitely losing it’s effectiveness in all but the most niche of publications. Newspaper advertising? Can’t say that I’ve looked at an ad in the newspaper in the last year, and I pick up a paper a couple times a week (usually while sitting in a lobby somewhere).

  2. While I agree that Twitter and Facebook are excellent marketing resources, it’s important that they are used wisely.

    So many people start using the social networking sites to bombard people with their sales pitch right from the start. If you are going to use those sites, you must first build relationships and trust with your followers. Doing it right can lead to a very lucrative outcome.

  3. Photography holidays says:

    Paper advertising is surely going to be a thing of the past one day soon? Not just because of the decline in newspaper and magazine sales but the cumbersome nature of not being able to “click through” puts me off really registering anything I see on paper any more. What I would like to know is what’s the next big thing and what else could twitter be used for?

  4. Its all good, but I have an account in twitter with 3.5k of followers and at least 0.5-1% of there are passing throw my links… May be I just do something wrong?..

  5. Sure social media is a good way of promoting your brand. The only thing is that you have to be active in engaging your customers all the time. When I stoped engaging with my followers the traffic from these sources dropped with more than 90%

  6. Hello Opportunities Planet Team,
    This is one of the best post i ever read about Social media marketing.

    I think social media plays vital role in developing brand. Also It builds relationship with readers very fast.

    Warm regards,
    Michael Harris

  7. Well with the resources people give to these social media sites, it’s like a big juicy steak to a lion. Companies would MURDER for access to phone numbers, interests, hobbies, and even various posting frequencies and opinions from all those potential consumers.

    Loads of possibilities and the best part is they can also get “closer” to their potential customers through these networks.

  8. As it seems to me, social marketing is the future of marketing. Most people just love to have personal contact with sellers and designers of their stuff. Now they have a live person to complain.

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