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[Infographic] Why Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral?

[Infographic] Why Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral? 1 Comment

Living in a digital age, getting content to go viral is an important factor to anyone wanting to make his or her presence known on the World Wide Web. Posting things on the web, regardless of what it may be, from a funny video, story, or an important message mean more when people see them.

If you want your content to go viral and get the attention of a larger audience, consider the following tips.

Touch on Emotions 

One surefire way to get your content shared is by touching on the reader’s emotions. Be it a funny, sad, curious, or amazing post, if a reader is touched on some level, they will share it.

“Share Worthy” Content

As stated before, your content needs to strike a chord with your audience on some level. If it touches them emotionally, is educational, is an interesting story, or is a current and relevant topic in society, shares are more likely.

Visual Appeal

The layout of your content can have an impact on your audience. If the layout is disjointed, unappealing to look at, or not properly designed in general, visitors may be inclined to leave without exploring your site.


You can post the most amazing content on your site, but if it is posted the wrong time of day, week, or even year it may not garner as much attention as you like. Pay attention to the time zones of your audience and the relevance of your topic on the season and time of year. Post holiday specific content around those holidays. Always spice up material that is recycled for a new holiday season.


Getting your content out there requires using different distribution channels. If you host videos on YouTube, look to broadcast that content on other video sites such as Vimeo, or Look into using different social media sites to further share your content and expand the distribution of your content.

You can learn more about generating content with viral potential in the following infographic (Source :

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  1. Yeah…emotionally charged content is a must. Most marketers don’t have the conjones to do this though. Entertainment factor is also now crucial. Love this info-graphic!

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